July 21, 2024


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The Dash Tasti-Crisp air fryer makes cooking for 2 quick and easy

The Dash Tasti-Crisp air fryer makes cooking for 2 quick and easy

There seems to be a new must-have trendy kitchen appliance splashed across social media every couple of years or so — but the air fryer feels like it’s here to stay. The compact device allows home cooks to achieve the same sought-after crisp that comes with deep frying, but in a slightly more health-conscious fashion.

If you’ve been considering picking up an air fryer but don’t want to spend too much cash or take up too much counter space, you might want to consider the Dash Tasti-Crisp. This compact device was crafted to take up as little space as possible while still offering big flavor and a satisfying crisp. For $59.99, you get a recognizable brand for a relatively low price.

We tested out the Dash Tasti-Crisp in our own kitchen to see how well it holds up compared to bigger name brands — and it might just be the budget-friendly alternative we’ve been looking for.

This is not your grandma’s air fryer (but it kind of wants to be)

The curved design and glossy finish of the Dash Tasti-Crisp is certainly a major upgrade compared to the more utilitarian-looking air fryers of just a few years ago. The retro-inspired design evokes the same aesthetic as more expensive vintage-inspired kitchen brands like Smeg or Le Creuset.

The cool color options will fit right into your kitchen aesthetic

The Dash Tasti-Crisp also happens to come in a very chic spectrum of colors designed to suit any kitchen decor style, which is great for those who want their appliances and kitchen accessories to be cohesive (guilty!). The colors range from classic black, white, and cool gray, to bright red, and, my favorite, a light aqua color that blends in perfectly with my cream- and orange-hued kitchen counters.

The compact design takes up less space than a coffee maker

Sure, air fryers in theory can cut down on other appliances that you might need in your kitchen — but they still tend to take up a lot of counter space. If counter space is of concern, you’ll be relieved to know that the Dash Tasti-Crisp takes up less space on your counter than a typical coffee maker; measuring just 8.7 x 10.7 inches.

The Dash Tasti-Crisp is super easy to clean and maintain

If you’ve ever used a deep fryer you know how impossible it is to clean the stuck-on oil and grease stains. Air frying in general takes a lot of the mess out of crisping up your dining, and the Dash Tasti-Crisp makes it extra easy as the compact device is made with a nonstick surface that releases food particles and stains very easily. Both the basket and the rack are also dishwasher safe for added convenience.

The 2.6-quart basket is ideal for cooking for one to two people.

Credit: Kaitlyn McInnis/Mashable

The air fryer’s dials let you control temperature and cook time.

Credit: Kaitlyn McInnis/Mashable

The learning curve for this appliance couldn’t be more simple

The Dash Tasti-Crisp was practically designed for those who would prefer ordering UberEats than stepping into the kitchen (ahem, me). I was able to figure out how to set up, cook my appetizers, and clean the appliance without any troubleshooting or assistance from my much more culinary-inclined partner. This air fryer also has a built-in timer so you can literally set it and forget it until your snacks are ready to eat.

Small but mighty—this compact air fryer can hold up to a pound of food comfortably

Some reviewers have complained that the Dash Tasti-Crisp is too small to cook for more than one person, but my partner and I found it was the right size for us.

The 2.6-quart capacity crisper drawer can easily hold an entire bag of frozen fries or up to a dozen chicken wings. I also found it could hold more than enough vegetable chips and artichoke hearts to satiate a group of five friends whom I had over for cocktails and bites.


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Downsides: The Dash Tasti-Crip gets quite hot while it’s in use

The Dash Tasti-Crisp needs to sit on a heat-resistant surface for safety; the bottom of the device really does get quite hot while in use. The front of the appliance also gets very hot while frying — this isn’t an issue per se as the handle and dials do not heat up, but should be taken into consideration if you have a small kitchen where you could potentially bump the front of the fryer.

The compact machine doesn’t seem to crisp as easily as larger appliances

The crisper basket was specifically designed to help achieve crispier results without taking up too much counter space, and while the appliance does offer quite crispy results, it’s noticeably less crispy than larger or more expensive options on the market. I tend to prefer a slightly less crispy French fry and vegetable chip but those who prefer a distinct or audible crunch might be disappointed.

Should you drop $59.99 on the Dash Tasti-Crisp air fryer?

Couples or households with small families will find the Dash Tasti-Crisp a perfectly fine budget-friendly alternative to bigger name brands, with more than enough space to crisp up sides and snacks efficiently. The compact air fryer is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing and space-saving appliances on the market right now, regardless of price point.

The Dash Tasti-Crisp also earns major points for its simple and easy-to-use design — the three-step cooking process and built-in timer make it a great option for anyone who doesn’t care to spend that much time in the kitchen.