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Restaurants and racing can resume, but new rules abound

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Restaurants can reopen in New Orleans, a city famous for its cuisine, but they must take reservations and limit the number of diners. Auto and horse racing tracks in New York can resume competitions but without spectators.

Officials cautiously eased more restrictions Saturday on eateries, shops and outdoor venues as they tried to restart economies without triggering a surge in new coronavirus infections. But the reopenings came with new rules designed to curb the spread of the disease — another indication that the familiar ways of dining out or watching sporting events are gone for now.

Public health experts warn that the pandemic, which has killed more than 88,000 people in the U.S. and 300,000 worldwide, could pick up again if precautions are not taken or officials move too quickly to get people back to work.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said horse racing tracks and

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2021 Kia Stinger GT Spied Rocketing Around The Nurburgring

The copious amount of camo likely hides just a handful of subtle tweaks.

The Kia Stinger GT isn’t that old, first arriving for the 2018 model year, but it’s already getting a refresh for 2021. We spotted a camouflaged test vehicle last week, and today, we have a video of it at the Nürburgring, with Kia putting the sedan through its paces. The vehicle still wears plenty of camouflage and cladding, though, hiding many of the subtle changes we’re expecting Kia to make to the model.

Kia is giving the Stinger GT a mid-cycle refresh, so don’t let the copious amount of camouflage fool you into thinking there are some significant changes underneath. There won’t be. We expect Kia to give the headlights and taillights new graphics while tweaking the front- and rear-end designs. That likely means reworked bumpers, revised intakes, and a tweaked look for the grille. Interior

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Five dream trips to forgotten corners of Croatia

Far from the madding crowds, Croatia offers deserted coves, classic charm – and wine to cheer

1. Take a vineyard tour of Istria

Istria is an Italian-style Croatia with a dramatic coastline, secret beaches and a rugged rural interior that’s home to the best emerging wine scene in Europe.

Why it’s special

Dubrovnik is far too busy these days. The northern peninsula of Istria, however, is lesser known, but truly beautiful, unfolding from seaside citadels and cormorant-flecked islets to mist-shrouded hilltop towns and Brothers Grimm-style forests. Oh, and the region’s wine is splendid – those light muscats, salty malvazijas, craggy red terans – much of it impossible to find in the UK, and to be quaffed in restaurants, village konobas (trattorias) and a growing number of sleek wineries and wine hotels.

For a week-long itinerary, head from Pula up the coast to the Meneghetti wine estate. Breathe in the

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France requires face masks but still bans Islamic face coverings

France is now mandating masks for all citizens in certain public areas during the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t change the country’s controversial ban on Islamic face coverings.

The French government confirmed that its years-long ban on wearing burqas, niqabs and other full-face coverings in public will remain in place, even as face masks become mandatory on Monday. While French citizens nationwide will be covering their faces, women who do so with Islamic garb are still subject to punishment.

“Can the Islamophobia be any more transparent?” Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth said on Twitter. “The French government mandates masks but still bans the burqua.”

A woman wearing a "Niqab" veil participa
A woman wearing a “Niqab” veil participa

In this February 2010 photo, a woman wearing a niqab veil participates in a protest in Tours, central France, after a panel of French lawmakers recommended a ban on face-covering veils in all schools, hospitals, public

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