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A Century-Old Home on Long Island Receives a Modern Makeover

It’s not often that a school auction is responsible for bringing a designer and client together, but Courtney McLeod can thank one such event for connecting her with one of her most loyal homeowners. A few years ago, McLeod donated her services to one such auction and the Manhattan family who won used her company, Right Meets Left Interior Design, to decorate a nursery for their new baby. Fast-forward to six months later: The family decided to decamp for the suburbs, specifically the tony shores of Sands Point on the North Shore of Long Island. One of their first calls was to McLeod to ask if she would consider tackling the interior design of their 9,000-square-foot manse. The catch? They wanted to be in the home by Christmas, and it was August by the time McLeod was able to begin the bulk of her work.

At the time, in 2016,

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Mercedes-Benz details next-gen S-Class interior through luxury and wellness

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When I worked at a coffee shop years ago, the company liked to think of its cafes as a “third place” in which people spend their time, with home and the workplace being spaces one and two. It wasn’t just about the coffee — it was part of a lifestyle, a place where you could settle in and spend part of your life there in comfort and happiness. I hated the idea. I’d much rather spend that time driving a car I loved rather than sitting on milk-stained furniture listening to a corporate-dictated playlist. Mercedes-Benz understands this, and is continuing the evolution of its S-Class sedan into its own version of a “third place,” with a focus not just on comfort and luxury, but on the occupants’ well-being, and has detailed how the next-gen’s interior achieves this. Of course, it’s backed up with ample corporate

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Five Problematic Design Terms You Should Retire or Rethink

Photo credit: Alice Morgan
Photo credit: Alice Morgan

From House Beautiful

Part of being an interior designer is knowing the vocabulary. A good designer can discuss Kuba cloth, Greek Revival architectural details, and clerestory windows with ease. But there are other words in the design lexicon that have more fraught backstories, including origins in colonialism, prejudice, and slavery. Recently, the internet was abuzz when TMZ revealed that the Houston Association of Realtors dropped “master bedroom” from listings because some realtors felt “master” was a reminder of slavery. Many builders began shifting to “owner’s suite” a few years ago because that includes buyers of all genders (House Beautiful has dropped the term from its style guide in favor of the simple “main”).

But the truth is, there are many more examples of how problematic history has permeated our vocabularies. And in order to make an effort to combat systemic racism, we must commit to

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Home Furnishing Industry’s Near-Term Prospects Look Bright

The Zacks Retail-Home Furnishings industry comprises retailers offering home furnishing products under various categories. The merchandise assortment includes furniture, garden accessories, framed art, lighting, mirrors, candles, tableware, lamps, picture frames, bath ware, accent rugs, artificial floral products, and child and teen furnishing. The industry players also develop, manufacture, market and distribute bedding products.

Notable companies in the industry include RH (RH), Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (WSM) and Ethan Allen Interiors Inc. (ETH).

Let’s take a look at the industry’s three major themes:

  • The industry has been benefiting from stimulus checks and the reopening of the economy. This is evident from the latest U.S. retail sales data for June that showcased a sharp rebound from the steep fall witnessed in April and March, when strict lockdown measures were imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus. Again, this industry, which is highly dependent on economic and U.S. housing market conditions, is expected to gain
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