June 16, 2024


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How much does pest control cost?

Disinfestation: how much does it cost? When is it necessary to do it? What are the different types of intervention? All you need to know before deciding if and when to disinfect one or more premises. Advice and precautions you need to take, the experts you can turn to and the market’s dominant prices. How to save without ever giving up on quality and safety.

When it is necessary to disinfect the house

The need or desire to disinfect the house or an old disused or abandoned building arises essentially to respond to certain specific needs. The latter, essentially, can be summarized in three points, namely: cleanliness, order and safety.

A very useful operation especially if and when you need to get rid of ants, cockroaches, flies or any other type of foreign body that you cannot get rid of by simply resorting to a normal freshening of the rooms.

Disinfestations: the types

Depending on the type of problem they promise to solve and the methods of intervention, different types of disinfestations can be identified. First of all, however, we must start from a fundamental distinction, from which it is possible to identify two broad categories.

The first category includes chemical disinfestations (ie those that involve the use of particular chemical products and compounds), while the second includes all those natural remedies that are generally defined as natural disinfestations.

The internet is full of useful homemade tips to take inspiration from. From coffee and plaster against ants to the natural spray against mosquitoes, to the trap with licorice for cockroaches.

This kind of do-it-yourself remedies, however, can be excellent for preventing invasion and safeguarding environments but, for a more incisive and above all more effective intervention, it is necessary to contact real professionals in the sector. Through the use of special chemical compounds and suitable machinery, the latter will be able to reach even the most hidden corners of your home, eliminating the problem at its root.

Specifically, companies in the sector will be able to provide you with the following services:

  • Insect disinfestation, which is the set of two or more operations that aim to free the environment from any type of parasite, limit the damage caused by them and put into practice action plans to contrast and contain the problem.
  • Derivatization, i.e. the installation of traps and the application of products to make the environment safer and prevent rat infestations.
  • Hot treatments, which aim to eliminate the annoying infiltration of insects in the tissues (such as bed bugs), avoid their reproduction and disinfect the affected element without creating damage.
  • Disinfection, i.e. all those procedures that guarantee effective and safe protection against microbes.
  • Removal of pigeons, which frees the environment from birds and cleans and disinfects surfaces that, if not refurbished, could cause infections and diseases.

Mode of action (as well as their incidence and duration) surely depend on how the damage is spread and how this is more or less settled in the various surfaces of the house. From time to time, therefore, it will be necessary to evaluate the different action plans and choose, together with the experts, those able to guarantee the best results.

Home disinfestation: who to contact

Since these are chemical compounds and disinfestation is a fairly delicate process (especially as regards the safety of the person), it is very important to contact competent and qualified personnel.

You must therefore rely only on serious and reliable Professional Pest Control Service who can guarantee you the best. These must be able to provide you with a service that is not harmful to the home environment and, above all, that is not dangerous for the people who live in the area affected by the intervention.

Make sure, therefore, that their intervention plans and the products used always comply with the regulations and avoid improvising with chemical compounds by resorting to do-it-yourself. The damage, precisely for the reasons explained above, could be irreparable for you and the people around you.

Disinfesting the house: what to watch out for

To avoid unnecessary complications and act cautiously, there are several tips and precautions that you need to take before, during and after pest control.

First of all, don’t forget to warn the neighbours or those who live around the area that will need to be treated. In fact, during surgery and up to an hour after, they should keep windows and doors closed, to prevent chemical solvents from infiltrating their domestic spaces.

Furthermore, when the disinfestation begins, only the personnel assigned to the work must be on-site with the appropriate protections. Therefore, do not circulate or stop in the area where the disinfestation is taking place until a few hours after the end of the operation unless you have obtained adequate protective equipment.

Finally, it is very important to protect and shelter pets and all objects with which you come into contact during the day (especially those within reach of children) before disinfection. If something comes into contact with the operators products used by the, you can remedy it by washing everything with soap and water and exposing the contaminated objects to the sun for at least 8 hours.

The price of a disinfestation depends on the type of pest and the extension of the surface to be reclaimed. For this reason, when requesting a quote for a disinfestation, it is advisable to provide all the information and allow an inspection.

Disinfestations: what are the prices?

The prices of each disinfestation change according to the type of intervention and the difficulty of the work. The more the environment is compromised, the more time and resources obviously will have to be used by the company to solve the problem.

Once the first inspection has been made, however, the technicians themselves will make you a summary estimate with all the expense items.

Disinfestations: how can you save money?

Once you have identified the best companies i.e. Major Pest Control’s Ants Pest Control Service operating on the market then you can move to understand which, among these, will allow you to save on the final expense.

To do this, simply request and compare multiple quotes. In this way, it will be possible for you to identify the solution that, in terms of value for money, will be the best.