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Wheelchair-Friendly Flooring – These Materials Are Best For Your Home

Wheelchair-Friendly Flooring – These Materials Are Best For Your Home


Are you renovating a property for anyone with a disability? Are you earning the home obtainable for an individual in a wheelchair? Tough, smooth surfaces are generally simpler for folks with mobility troubles.

If you’re looking for wheelchair-pleasant flooring, you have numerous choices out there to you. Even though materials is essential, it is not the only thing. Examine on to discover the right flooring decision to suit your requirements.

What the ADA says about flooring

ADA prerequisites for community and professional areas are not the exact as what you can do with household areas. But working with their demands as a guideline can help you make much better decisions.

From their steerage, it states:

Floor and floor surfaces shall be stable, firm, and slip-resistant.

If you’re putting in a flooring that will be applied consistently by a person in a wheelchair, it’s a great idea to produce flooring that is:

Slip-resistant – flooring should present sufficient traction for the wheels as they transfer with no slipping or skidding underneath. Textured flooring can provide a slip-resistant space even in spots susceptible to humidity, these types of as the lavatory.

Clean – flooring ought to have some texture for relieve of motion. Having as well lots of bumps or transitions can be complicated to navigate over. Pay back certain interest to transitions from area to place.

Secure – flooring should be hooked up securely to the subfloor to reduce movement underneath. It should not dent or compress as the bodyweight of the wheelchair moves around it.

What flooring possibilities should you take into consideration?

Wheelchair-Friendly Flooring – These Materials Are Best For Your HomeWe have a handful of suggestions for flooring elements that work very well for wheelchair movement. Although some you may possibly count on, other folks may possibly be new to you.


Hardwood has been all-around for centuries for a really fantastic rationale: they stand the check of time. No matter what you can dish out, they continue on to give back again, and glance their ideal.

Hardwood has the extra advantage of extending its life by refinishing it. When it’s scuffed and worn, just sand it down. Then reapply new stain and end, and you’ll promptly have updated flooring. You can do this consistently, depending on the good quality of the wooden. This is exactly where it added benefits you to spend awareness to high quality. This will give you the potential to extend the everyday living of your flooring.

Additionally, they are relatively uncomplicated to manage. An occasional cleaning implies wiping absent dust and particles, and perhaps functioning above it with a moist mop for greater messes. Hardwood is not drinking water-resistant, so do not enable dampness to puddle.

For included traction and keeping your floors seeking their best for a longer period, think about what texture you put in. A hand-scraped or distressed texture not only provides slip-resistance, but it can stand up to far more abuse way too.


Tile gives one particular of the most difficult surfaces obtainable for residential flooring. It supplies equally traction and a easy area area for wheelchairs to shift freely about.

Nevertheless, it is vital to fork out awareness to transitions. If grout traces are also pronounced, it can induce friction as the wheelchair moves in excess of it.

Be sure to put in a textured tile that gives a surface area place that is quick to maneuver. Sure tiles like ceramic may possibly be much too slippery for effortless motion. And if a human being transfers amongst a wheelchair and a walker, the floor place might not be conducive for uncomplicated motion.

Nonetheless if you function with an associate, we can suggest a range of options that make this a viable alternative. Big tiles positioned near together might be best for your region.

Luxury vinyl tiles or planks

While classic vinyl is deemed too comfortable for uncomplicated wheelchair motion, today’s luxury vinyl tiles or planks may be best for your spaces. They are an inexpensive alternative to hardwood, and supply a challenging floor location that is straightforward to get close to on.

Luxury vinyl tiles or planks get on the physical appearance of the most cherished flooring solutions on the industry nowadays. You’ll have problems telling the difference amongst luxury vinyl tiles and stone tiles, or luxurious vinyl planks and hardwood planks. They glance that real.

But their hard surface area results in a durable flooring solution that operates effectively in all forms of household predicaments. What is far more, it’s a wonderful decision for spots you ordinarily wouldn’t set hardwood. Like bogs, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

Other matters to contemplate

In common, any form of flooring that offers a cushion to your step will not get the job done nicely with wheelchairs or even walkers. Many house owners take into account carpet for the reason that it’s tender. But it is hard to shift all around on, and would make it less difficult to excursion and fall.

If you use carpeting in the bedrooms, go with a small-pile solution, these types of as Berber, and stick with a dense pad for extra steadiness. Wheelchairs will also carry in added filth and particles, so it’s a fantastic plan to go with a darker shade, maybe designs that will quickly hide stains.

Ground transitions are equally as important as the flooring alone. ADA has special suggestions in spot to guarantee individuals can go freely from just one location to one more.

  • Vertical top – transitions involving flooring kinds really should be stored beneath ¼”.
  • Beveled height – if a transition is between ¼” and ½”, it shall be a beveled transition with a slope not steeper than 1:2.
  • Ramp height – everything larger than ½” substantial demands to be ramped.

Ahead of you purchase new flooring, specifically if combining it with flooring already in location, guarantee you have the appropriate transition materials prepared to make certain a safe space.

Acquiring wheelchair-friendly flooring for your house

Locating the ideal flooring for wheelchairs is pretty simple to do. With ADA necessities in position, the solutions obtainable to you have never been as versatile.

Have an understanding of what operates best for you as you transform your household. Glance for future possible as well as what will do the job right now.

Remember, this is about aesthetics as properly as features. And with today’s flooring possibilities, you can conveniently have both equally.

How can we aid you discover wheelchair-friendly flooring?


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