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What Makes the Most Sense?


If you dwell in your residence prolonged plenty of, you’re inevitably going to have to have a new roof. When you do, you will have a choice of both tearing your recent roof off and starting up from scratch or recovering your latest roof. Study the distinction concerning a reroof vs. tear off and the rewards and disadvantages to help you narrow down your selection.

Most of the time, the choice is rather crystal clear-minimize. If a significant storm has blown off half the shingles of your household or if a massive tree limb has obliterated a superior chunk of the roof, there is only one way to go. At that place, you will also likely need to have to exchange the underlayment or even roof decking.

Or possibly the roof was improperly set up in the first spot. As considerably as we like to feel our residences have been all created with the same awareness to detail, selected contractors might not just take the time and work they should–especially if they’re out to make a speedy buck. They never ordinarily final very extended, but their errors remain.

If the roof was set up inadequately and there are leaks in the course of the roof, you may well need to have to exchange all of the parts of the roofing system. If the leaks have been authorized to linger, there may even be structural harm to the attic as nicely. At that position, the reroof vs. tear-off debate is moot.

In point, there’s generally only a single reason you’d select a reroof (sometimes called an overlay): You want to make a key alter to the appear of your house. An updated roof can include worth immediately, improving the control attraction of your household and getting to be a advertising level. But the conditions have to have to be ideal.

Tear the Roof Off

As the title implies, tearing off your roof implies you will be starting up from scratch when it comes to the roofing product. A single of the great items about this strategy is that you will be able to see issues places, this sort of as parts that have began to rot or have turn into weakened.

A different fantastic factor about wholly tearing your roof off is you can raise the total worth of your residence should you at any time make a decision to market your home. Most roofing products right now occur with 20 or 30-12 months warranties, so a model new roofing alternative is like hitting the refresh button on its lifespan.

As for shortcomings, tearing your roof off is a lot more pricey than a restoration or roof overlay. There is a lot more labor when you tear off the old roof, not to mention the disposal of the aged roofing. The roof substitute method could also increase a different day to the installation.

The Reroof System

Mainly, you set a new layer of shingles over an current roof. The current roofing material must be in very good shape simply because you really do not want to just cover up hassle spots. When you set a new roof on best of the existing roof, issues will be substantially more challenging to obtain and tackle.

Even though this approach may well help save you money, you should really familiarize oneself with the drawbacks. Whilst recovering your roof is frequently a practical solution, at some position you will finally have no selection but to tear your roof off. When that transpires, you will require to remove an excess layer of roof, which helps make receiving a new roof a lot more labor-intense and highly-priced.

Just be certain county codes and producers say a 2nd layer can be put in, this may possibly not be the case in some scenarios. It depends on the kind of roofing and the issue of the roof and composition. One more roofing layer could exceed pounds boundaries.

Reroof vs. Tear-Off: Earning a Decision

Prior to you foundation your determination exclusively on funds or if it will enable the home’s resale value, it is far better that you chat about the execs and cons with a roofing expert. Some of the aspects that help determine your final decision incorporate how much lengthier your roof is expected to final, how many leaks you have had in the earlier that originated from your roof, and the over-all affliction of your roof.

Yet another matter to take into consideration is what form of roofing content you want to use. In most circumstances, a reroof vs. tear-off could appear down to what the new roof will consist of. For case in point, if you at this time have a shingle roof, and want to set up a metal roof, a reroof is not an option mainly because of the set up course of action.

The specialists of Warner Roofing are right here to enable, irrespective of whether you make your mind up to get well your roof or tear it off. To learn extra, give us a get in touch with at 360-694-0249.


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