June 13, 2024


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Top 5 Brands to Beautify your Home with Plants

Plants make people happy and are aesthetically pleasing. They can spruce up your home decor and make the guests go gaga about your casa. Houseplants also have innumerable benefits. For starters, they purify the air, remove toxins and have healing properties. Decking up your home with houseplants is undoubtedly the best decision you will ever make. And, we thought of helping you with the whole process by searching for the best online portals from where you can order potted plants and add a splash of green to your decor! Take a look!

Nursery Live

Nursery Live germinated in 2014 to provide Indians with a single platform to order plants and all gardening related requirements. They have a customer-friendly website, and you can quickly scroll through it. They have all kinds of plants like Mosquito-repellent plants, aromatic plants, hanging plants, carnivorous plants, conifer plants, ferns, Ficus plants and more. You can scout through their website and also find seeds for flowering plants, vegetables and more. Furthermore, Nursery Live also has gardening tools that you can easily order. Get ready to view more of their products and order gorgeous greens for your home!

Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is a famous online gifting portal and online nursery. This online portal has a wide range of products like flowers, personalised gifts, plants, gift hampers and home decor items. You can not only get your hands on this brand’s latest plant collection, but you can also avail of its same-day delivery services. Ferns N Petals has a great collection of flowering plants, Vastu Plants, Foliage Plants, air-purifying plants and more. This brand is known for its hassle-free same-day delivery services and high-quality products. Once you place an order from this website, you will receive a blooming green plant that will enhance the overall look of your home decor. So, don’t waste more time and view more of their splendid collection.


Ugaoo is the one-stop-shop for all your plant needs. It’s an online nursery that sells seeds, plants, planters, tools and accessories and more. From air-purifying plants to decorative ferns, they have it all. You can order various planters like plastic pots, ceramic plants, seeding trays and more. When it comes to plants, Ugaoo has a stunning collection that consists of Money Plant, Lucky Bamboo, ZZ plant, and more. Already excited to order from this website? Go ahead and view more of what it offers!


My Bageecha is a plant purveyor that offers all things plant-based. From terrariums to garden essentials, you can find everything on this website. They have a vast live plant selection, and you can find everything from succulents to flowering plants. Additionally, they also offer fruit plants, shrub roses, herbs and more. You can even order fertilisers, planters, pesticides, self-watering planters and more. All in all, this brand has everything you will need once you become a plant parent. So, view more and amp up your home decor!


Pepperfry is a renowned online furniture brand. This brand has a spectacular collection of faux or artificial plants that are aesthetically pleasing. If you are not keen on getting living plants, you must look at their beautiful range. Faux plants will look ravishing and require no care at all. From flowering plants to vines, their artificial plant’s range has it all. So, view more and get ready to bring home faux plants right away!

Our homes are our haven. By decorating it with plants, we can add a touch of a green hue to our decor and make it more calming and eye-pleasing. All these websites will deliver your plants at your door, and you can easily adorn your home just in a few clicks!