July 25, 2024


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Tips to Get Your Wedding Videography Singapore Done Perfectly

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Your wedding is supposed to be one of the best moments in your life. It is a day to celebrate with your loved ones and tie knots to stay forever. Most couples make life and death promises on this specific day. So, it needs to be very special. To ensure that your newly-married life starts from a memorable day, you want everything to be done perfectly.

You have selected the venue, the food, the bridal dresses, the music, the theme, and everything that comes on the list. The only thing that is left is wedding videography. Wedding videography may be very special for you, your partner, or even both. It is significant for everyone who wants to record their special moments. For this purpose, you need to hire someone professional for wedding videography singapore.

Now that you have decided to hire a videographer, there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind for everything to run smoothly. 

What is Wedding Videography?

Wedding videography is the process of recording some lovely and candid moments in your wedding. Wedding videography is an important “to-do” in your wedding plan. The final product obtained through this production is more commonly referred to as a wedding film or wedding movie.

Professional wedding videographers are trained to capture your special moments. Even with the emergence of high-definition cameras within smartphones, wedding videographers still play an important role. 

Wedding videography is considered more significant than photography as it captures everything, from the dressing room and reception to the wedding recessional.

Steps for Choosing Perfect Videography for Your Wedding

The following are the steps you need to follow to allow your wedding videography singapore to be done perfectly in their order of occurrence.

  1. Finding The Right Person/Agency

Finding the right person/agency for wedding videography in singapore requires about a dozen criteria. Following are them in a proper sequence.

Seek References

Ask out your previously married friends and family members for wedding videography singapore. References can help greatly.

Don’t Hesitate About the Location

A common mistake that 8 out of 10 people make in choosing someone for videography is choosing someone local. However, your perfect fit doesn’t need to be in the locality. You can even hire professional videographers from another state (if they are ready to travel to your venue)!


The videographer you will hire will work the entire day filming your memorable moments. You need to ensure that the person you hire is friendly enough to guide you. Feeling comfortable with them now is the key to feeling comfortable with them on the wedding day.

Comfortable with Venue

Some people that do wedding videography singapore are comfortable with outdoor venues only while others are indoors. It would be a great mess if you hire an outdoor videographer and get married in a marriage hall.

Your Video Preference

There are various wedding film styles like cinematic and documentary-type. Make sure your videographer knows your preference.

Equipment and Staff

Request your videographer(s) to check out their equipment and accessories (it would not be very pleasant to be filmed by a mobile phone). Moreover, ask about their staff and collaborations.

Check Their Questions

The videographers that are truly loyal to you want everything to be remarkable. Therefore, they ask questions and give proper constructive suggestions for this sake.

Ask for Portfolio

Request them for their samples and portfolio. It would be best if their portfolio emotionally touches you.

Seek Out Reviews

If you see someone fully winning your heart, checking out the portfolio isn’t just enough. The last thing is to talk to their previous customers about their experience with the particular wedding videography.

  1. Discuss in Detail Your Expectations

The moment you think you have found someone matching the criteria mentioned above. Don’t delay in taking the process further as everyone is on the hunt for experienced wedding videographers. After discussing with them, you can choose to meet them on a neutral point or at their office. 

This is the step in which you should explain in detail everything you expect to appear in the final wedding film or video, to avoid any disappointment at the end.

  1. Stay Ready for budget

After discussing your expectations and hearing their promises, it is the right time to sign the contract. Being generous in this step can create a moment to savor in the future. If you give them a good budget, they will give the best out of their abilities. The best quality videographers always require a handsome budget.

  1. Hire Them!

70% of the actual work has been sorted out in the first three steps. Before any further due, you should sign a written contract with them. Read all the terms and conditions mentioned on the contract carefully. Some wedding videography singapore agencies demand a full advance payment, while others require 50%, and others do not even take some upfront!

  1. Utilize Your Package

Now that you have hired your wedding videographer, you have gotten the right to plan everything according to your needs. Some people leave everything on the videographers and think they just have to film a 10-minute raw video. Instead, we recommend utilizing everything in your package to create a remarkable wedding film.

In accordance with the budget and plan you have agreed upon, make sure to use the extras like editing, effects, and transitions, etc. (rather than accepting an unprocessed and raw film).

  1. Cooperate with them

Like every other professional, wedding videographers and photographers are also humans, and they require your cooperation. It would be best if you cooperate with them, so everything runs with peace and harmony. Simple acts like offering them drinks and letting them take breaks could rush their morale from 0 to 100. Following their instructions of (poses, styles, etc.) also comes under this heading.

  1. Wait for the results!

The last step (the most critical one) demands patience. The final step for getting your wedding videography singapore to be done perfectly is waiting for the results. Videographers and agencies show the customers everything that has been filmed, but that is not the final product. Much editing has still to be done yet. However, if you have followed everything correctly, nothing can stop you from creating a masterpiece memoir.


Wedding videography is more like presenting a 5-10 minutes summary of a complete wedding. However, it is completely upon the couple if they want their memorable moments to be filmed or not. Yet wedding videography is seen as a very memorable sign of bringing together two loved ones. The final obtained wedding film is viewed by the audience (friends and family of the couple), and the moment you blush upon someone’s praise is truly unmatchable.

Hiring a professional for wedding videography singapore rather than handling the camera to one of your friends ensures that everything goes smoothly. You can hire someone for wedding videography singapore after judging various factors like equipment, staff, experience, etc.