June 15, 2024


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This Year’s Most Popular Home Exterior Design Trends


The exterior of your home doesn’t always get as much love as the interior. After all, it’s a lot more work to repaint the entire exterior of a home or install a brand new outdoor patio than it is to repaint just one interior room or add a few new throw pillows. If the exterior of your home is looking neglected or you are just ready for a change, you can make 2022 the year that you follow the most popular exterior design trends.

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Earthy Tones

There is no doubt that 2022’s exterior home design trends continue to move toward nature. One of the boldest ways to follow the natural trend is to paint your home with earthy tones. The most popular earthy tones are sage, forest green, and dark brown. The colors mimic fertile soil and thick wooded areas. Other exterior colors to watch for are maroon, navy blue, and creamy whites. These colors stick with the earthy vibe but bring a hint of traditional color to a home.

Extra Texture

Smooth home finishes are a thing of the past. In 2022, homeowners are looking to add visual interest to their homes with texture. Vinyl is a common way to add texture to your home’s entire exterior. Shiplap, board and batten, and shake shingles are also common ways to add texture to a home. You can add distinctive spots of texture by installing wood shutters around your windows. You can also use a variety of textured shingles to your roof or textured fascia. Texture can also be added with stone veneer siding. This can be used as an accent area around the front of the house for added visual interest.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Homeowners in 2022 aren’t just concerned with making their homes look good. They also want their homes to be enjoyable. One of the most popular ways to make the exterior of a home shine while making it livable and enjoyable is with a dedicated indoor-outdoor area. This area is usually in the rear of the house and includes additions such as an outdoor kitchen, covered patio, fireplace, and in-ground swimming pool. To carry your outdoor area inside you should have a large open door area that leads directly to the covered patio so that even when there is a bit of rain you can keep your doors open and the fresh air blowing in. Bring a sense of texture and nature along by using brick or stone for your patio. You can use stone veneer covers on your patio column as well.

Glasswork with Height

Bringing the outdoors inside in every area of your house can happen with large windows. These can be floor to ceiling windows or extra large bay windows. Oversized windows allow the light to filter into the interior and add an architectural element to the outside of your home. Large windows make the exterior of your home look more modern when they are surrounded with minimal trim. Of course these windows should be energy efficient due to their extra large size.

Natural Hardscaping

An additional method of adding texture to your home’s exterior while sticking with a natural vibe is to add natural hardscaping around your home. A popular natural hardscaping addition is a stone pathway. These can be made with cement pavers or natural stone pavers. Most stone pathways are encased with long rectangular stone to designate the walk area. The large pavers can be laid out in a straight row or staggered. Finally, you should encase the walkway with pebbles to eliminate weeds and completely finish the area. Another hardscaping addition that is growing in popularity is a natural retaining wall. These are made of natural stone, cement, or stucco. Natural retaining walls can be built a bit higher for privacy or they can be a bit lower to the ground as a seating wall. Accenting the wall with bushes or flowers will finish off the area and add even more natural accents.

Final Words

Home design trends are always changing, however many of 2022’s exterior design trends are carrying over from the prior year. These trends remain focused on nature and simple, modern design. If you are changing up your home’s exterior consider speaking to a trusted realtor to determine which trends are right for you.


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