June 13, 2024


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Is Roof Coating Important For Your House?

Roof coating, including white coating, is a protector and necessary element for roofs for homes, offices, and commercial buildings. There are two reasons to use a white coat: protecting the roof to help it last longer and producing lower energy bills of the reflective solar element. New Orleans white roof coatings have a binder blend, including pigments as well as additives. There are many hundreds of white coating items, including formulating and manufacturing for different companies. Classification is often concerning the binder used.

Binders for roof coating have silicone or organic compounds. These are often elastic polymers, including tensile characteristics and elongation, such as elastomers helping elements to back into shape following stretching. When it comes to white coating, it is a material with bonding pigments connected to the surface. Elastomer examples are silicone, vinyl, silicone, and urethane. The color of white coating comes from zinc oxide and titanium. There are also pastel color options.

Roof coatings are generally water-based and are known as a latex coating in a variety of polymers. It is described as a liquid carrier. It is put in place within a thin layer. A roof coating can be put on any surface used in roofing. This includes a system or a membrane in roofing. They can be sprayed, rolled, or even brushed on in some cases to metal, modified bitumen, polyurethane, and some asphalt and single-ply rubber roofs.

Once a roof coating is applied, maintenance and cleaning are essential. Often a white coat is put on roofs in dusty and arid areas. That means there will be debris, dirt, dust, and other elements blowing in the wind and landing on the roof. These elements can accumulate with more landing during a windstorm only to be brushed away with the rain. It could cause discoloration and surface issues on the roof if it is not cleaned. If it is not clean, then the reflection will not be as strong. If it does not work, then it will be ineffective for helping save with energy costs.

Determining when the roof coating needs clean depends on the layer used, the roof, and the weather. It often is considered to clean the roof at least every three years, typically every seven years. This can be done by the owner or finished professionally. It depends on what the owner finds to be the best for their situation and budget.

The white coating tends to block ultraviolet radiation rather than reflecting it. The white coating protects against the radiation even though accumulated foreign particles tend to limit the reflectivity. Roofing experts can renew the reflectivity by adding new topcoat layers, which is more affordable and faster to apply than the initial coating. It is best to get it repainted every 3-5 years, depending on the region’s location, weather, and climate. Contact your local roofers and roof contractors to know more about roof coating and maintenance.