June 13, 2024


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How to Keep Your Home Safe from Tree Roots

Tree Root Killer & Sewer Pipe Clog Facts from Reliable Contractor Services  | by James Huber | Medium

Tree roots can cause a lot of problems for your home. When they begin to invasively enter your house foundation or your piping systems, you are bound to experience several issues in your home.

There is a huge number of homeowners that are very concerned with mature trees growing on their property.  A tree located close to your homes can potentially grow its roots under your home without you noticing. When this happens, cracks, leaks and damages begin to surface.

Here are some of the common signs that roots have begun to enter and infiltrate your piping systems and home foundations. We have also included quick remedies and solutions to address these problems.

Cracks on Foundation Floor

As tree roots begin to spread in your home’s foundation, you will start to see cracks not only in the floors but as well as your foundation walls. You will also begin to notice uneven doors and window frames as well as buckling on the floor surface. In severe cases, cracking and shattering of windows, without signs of possible trauma can also occur.

When you start to see early signs of cracking in your floorings and foundation walls, have a contractor inspect your property. The initial solution would be to dig around your foundation to locate tree roots and to see the extent of the damage. As soon as these areas are identified and diagnosed, you can start to apply solutions.

A root barrier before the actual construction of your home’s foundation would be ideal, but in the event that you did not have one before your homes were built, other solutions are still available. Cutting the offending roots would be the best next move. However, some trees tend to die if you cut their roots improperly. Seek help from plumbers Malabar wide to guide you through the process of cutting tree roots. A tree-trimming expert is your best bet in removing tree roots without harming the tree. After cutting down roots, you can begin to install tree root barriers.

Tree Roots on Walkways

Compared to tree roots under your home’s foundation, tree roots invading your walkway areas are easier to address. Cracks along the concrete, bumps on the earth and buckling in the concrete surface are signs of roots under your walkways. If you experience such issues, cutting down the tree roots and installing root barriers is the best solution available. Cutting the tree would be your initial solution too. But if you prefer to keep the trees in your property, cutting down the roots instead of the tree itself is the key.

Tree Roots in Your Plumbing System

Roots in your plumbing system can cause a lot of problems. It can block your pipes causing hairline cracks, loose joints and worse, bursts in your pipe systems. Roots tend to penetrate plumbing systems because they are a source of water. If you see changes in water pressure, slow draining and increase in your water bill consumption without obvious leaks, a tree root infiltration might be your problem

A plumbing specialist can easily determine areas in your piping systems that have been penetrated with roots. Once addressed, they can easily cut down these roots and repair or replace the damage pipes in your system.

Trees can bring shade and extra aesthetics to your homes. However, their powerful roots can do a lot of damage when left unattended. Be on the lookout for signs of possible root infiltration to lessen the potential damage in your homes and pipe systems.