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Home Renovation Tips – Flapierre

Home Renovation Tips – Flapierre


There will be times that your house may appear cluttered and old.  This is a sign that you need to improve or rebuild to make it look updated. This necessitates some rearrangements. And this is a good reason for a good renovation plan. But before you start hammering everything, keep these important things in mind.

Home Renovation Tips – Flapierre


Your floor is among the best area to update. Why?  Because it can improve the ambiance just by changing it. You have numerous choices for your floors like ceramic tile, laminate flooring, or wood parquet. What you choose will depend on where you’ll be using it.  Also, choose a theme before you start renovating.  Your color scheme will dictate what you choose on your paint as well.

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Bathroom fixtures

An easy way to update your bathroom is to change those fixtures. Try changing your faucet. Also, add or remove accessories like your shower curtain. You can also change your toilet seats.  Your bathroom sink has a huge impact as well so if you want to upgrade, don’t take it for granted.

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Just like in the bathroom, the easiest changes and upgrades for your kitchen are on amenities. Your countertop is the most obvious choice as this is where all the traffic is.  If the budget permits, this is a good investment. 

Go for a theme

Everyone wants a well-designed beautiful kitchen. And why not, it is the most functional and operative place in a home that has to look different and stylish. Choosing a theme for the kitchen will make the renovation work easy. You need to ensure that you have a theme ready for your kitchen

Plan perfectly

The very first step in the renovation process is setting up a practical and applicable plan of the kitchen. You should have a working plan ready before you. Every measurement and size of the kitchen area should be taken with uttermost care. The color of the walls, the materials used in the windows and the furniture needs to be decided by matching each and every element. Doing all this will greatly assist you to spend less amount of money thereby saving time in the renovation course.

Selection of stylish cabinets

One of the great things to change in the kitchen is the cabinet design. Maybe you don’t like the existing look of the cabinets or pests have seized the storage area. Whatever reason it may be, renovating or redesigning the kitchen cabinets can make the entire room look new and beautiful. When choosing the cabinet color, you need to opt for the light colors as this will match with other elements in the kitchen and this will make the space look bigger and larger.

Unique countertops

In any kitchen, most of the work is carried out on the countertops. This is one place that is occupied almost all the time where you will find cooktop, Avon, and many other things. Countertops have to look lovely and rich. There are plenty of designs and colors available for the selection. All that you need to do is select the most appropriate and desired design for your kitchen. Installing perfect countertops will match the overall design of the kitchen.

Perfect lighting

If the kitchen is beautifully designed, poor lighting can make it dull in appearance and can degrade the glow of the kitchen. Therefore, lighting is one of the vital and essential factors that need great consideration. After all, the light brings a glow into the kitchen. No place has any importance if it doesn’t have proper lights. While renovating the kitchen, more emphasis should be given to lights because this will make the kitchen brighter. Using fluorescent light bulbs in the kitchen will provide sufficient light for cooking.

Focus on fittings and equipment

In order to enhance the overall look of the kitchen, it is very important to pick the most useful one for the kitchen. On the other hand, it is important to choose the fittings that are not common and traditional. Select the exclusive designer and unique accessories and fittings for your kitchen. Choosing the sleek and slim designs will add charm to the kitchen.

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The paint color you choose for your home has a huge influence on everything that you add to it. Take note that the color you choose for your wall will influence the colors you choose for your cabinet, your curtains, and other fixtures. That is why you need to have a color scheme before you start your renovation.  This will guide you on your renovation.

Color Set

When choosing a color for your floors, walls, window frames, and big pieces of furniture – think long term. In the other words, pick a color that won’t go “out of style” in a few years and won’t become boring to you any time soon. Think about the colors, neutral and earth tones are safe and can be combined with light and damped colors. Tones such as white, gold, brown, and yellowish-brown are some of the favorites that sustain the time test. Replacement of the big stuff (floors, sofa, couch, walls, and windows) is a pretty expensive adventure, so you should pick colors that will remain fresh for a couple of years.

Wall ceiling paint

It may not appear very enticing to do but changing the ceiling paints does have a huge impact on improving your house’ style and appeal. This is because your ceiling reflects light. Whatever color you choose here will have a huge impact on the ambiance. Common practice is to make use of the color white. But using other colors also works and can deliver the same results or even better.  Just choose a lighter hue so it can complement your lighting at night.

Monotone decor looks spacious

Have you ever walked into a house where rooms are spacious and look as if they belong together? White walls, white couches, and white coffee tables can all look charming, especially if they’re emphasized with pillows in that color or some other accessories. Use earth tones, such as brown or yellowish-brown.

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This might be the last thing on your mind if you think about home renovation. But if you plan to transfer things like your bed or sofa or you fancy a drop ceiling, changing your electrical connections is a must. For that you need to plan ahead on where you will install the amenities like lighting and sockets. This is also a good reason for you to check your old wirings.

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Prepare the budget and the tools

Now that we have covered some remodeling ideas, it is time for us to mention the issue of money and the tools that you will need to do your remodel in the proper way. It is of paramount importance to come up with a realistic budget that will not leave you hanging dry and without the funds.

Also, you should understand that you will need all the right tools and materials for the remodel. Sometimes you can do a remodel with only the stuff you have around your home, but you will more often need to purchase various tools and pieces of equipment such as walk-behind forklifts or various types of power tools.

Consider hiring a contractor

If you are overwhelmed by the multitude of things that needs to be done then you need to consider hiring a contractor to do the hard work. But be careful with what you want. Weigh your needs over wants. Keep the essentials first and check your budget.  Remember to say no if needed. Your contractor should understand your point of view.

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