July 25, 2024


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Garage Door Repair in Portland for Garage Door Panel Replacement

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A garage door is a valuable investment for your home because it increases the security of your home and improves your home’s curb appeal.  However, like any home addition, it can get damaged through years of usage.  Garage door repairs in Portland can be handy then.

When to Get a Garage Door Panel Replacement

“Should I replace my garage door panel or my entire garage door?”  It’s a question often heard from homeowners who experience problems with their garage doors.  

Well, since a garage door comes with a cost when installed, you may be considering whether a replacement is worth your investment (again).

Luckily, we’ve got you some quick identifiers to help you decide if you need a new garage door:

  1.  Age of your door

The typical life expectancy of a garage door is 20-25 years.  Thus, if your garage door is only 10 years old, maybe it’s best to lean towards repairing.  However, if the damage is too severe, opt for a replacement instead to keep your garage door functional.

  1.  Cause of the damage

Consult a garage door repair professional in Portland to assess the damage on your garage door panel.  Their experience in repairing and replacing panels will save you from making costly decisions on entirely replacing your garage door.

Some damages can be confined in just one panel so that you won’t need an entire replacement.

  1.  Cost to repair or replace

Panel repair is one of the most costly of all garage door fixes and is dependent on the service person’s hourly rate.

A garage door panel replacement would cost $250-$700 depending on the design and size of the garage door panel.

  1.  Safety

If repairing will not convince you that your garage door will be safe to use, choose a replacement for your damaged garage door panel from a garage door repair service in Portland.  

Remember, safety first!  Don’t put your security at risk through unrepaired garage door damages which can serve as entrance points of burglars.

Important Things to Consider in Garage Door Panel Replacement

Garage door repair in Portland can assess your garage door panels to identify specific services that need to be done.  

Since most homeowners these days use modern garage doors made with multiple panels (three to eight panels), damage to a single panel can be resolved with a single panel replacement.  Here are five things to consider as you work towards a replacement:

  • Availability of Your Replacement Panel

You will be lucky if the manufacturer of your garage door still produces the panels you need.  Newer garage door models are usually always available while older models are not.

  • The Amount of Damage

If you notice damages on your garage doors, intervene immediately by having a garage door repair professional in Portland to determine the degree of damage and advise you on how to proceed.

Even if only one panel appears to be damaged, it can affect other parts, so act promptly to prevent more costly repairs and replacements.

  • The Number of Damaged Panels

Sometimes installing a new garage door is actually less costly than replacing more than one garage door panel.  Thus, it is smarter financially to keep garage door panel replacement from one to two sections only.  

  • The Condition of Your Garage Door

If the wear and tear of your garage door are noticeable and irreparable, it may be best to replace the whole garage door now because replacing one panel may be more costly when the lifespan of your garage door is near to its end.

  • The State and Color of the Remaining Panels

The colors of garage door panels fade with time because of their exposure to extreme weather conditions through the changing seasons.  

Hence, if you choose to replace one panel, make sure that it blends with the remaining panels to maintain your door’s aesthetics.

Consult Experienced Technicians for Garage Door Repair in Portland

Certain conditions of your garage door will make a garage door panel replacement a worthwhile option.  To save you from doubt and unneeded costly expenses on garage door repairs, it is best to consult with technicians for garage door repair in Portland who had extensive experience in dealing with issues related to garage doors.