June 16, 2024


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Designing Your Bedroom with 8 Trending Themes

The bedroom is more than just a simple room for you to sleep in. Among all other rooms in the house, this is the least visited place and only selected visitors may come inside. With that in mind, there is no doubt many people will prioritize less designing their bedroom.

Even though this is the most private area in the house, it still needs your attention. Considering that it is also the area where you spend your leisure time reflecting, recharge, relaxing, and reading to calm your mind, it would be great to put some color and design on it. Compared to the living room and other most-visited parts of the house, your bedroom allows you to show your creativity in designing it.

Many people find it hard to design their bedrooms that showcase their personality. Even though it is pretty tricky, it is still workable. To help you out, the following are eight of the trending themes you can use as an example in designing your bedroom.

Whether you want to make your bedroom bold or a minimalist area, the following themes will inspire you. So, what are you waiting for? Read further.

  1. Eclectic Design

The eclectic design may be the most specific bedroom theme, but not that easy to do. To get that eclectic design, blend it with your preferred style. This does not make a mish-mash look, but a curated one. You can get the most out of this theme using the proper patterns and patterns with neutral tones. One example of an eclectic bedroom theme is a black-colored wall that complements a light-colored wood furnishing. This bedroom theme has been popular for many years because of its contemporary and classic patterns that suit different periods.

2. Cottage Theme

If you want to feel cozier whenever you visit your bedroom, a cottage style is a perfect theme you may use. This theme uses airy and light designs against simple and aesthetic colors that will calm your mind and eyes. When following a cottage theme bedroom, you may paint your walls with subtle color. Aside from that, you may also add a jute rug and woven blinds for extra organic texture. These are just some ideas you may use to bring a relaxing atmosphere as you go to sleep.

3. Coastal Themes

Are you craving for the beach and still not allowed to go outside? Well, don’t worry since you can bring the beach to your bedroom. The coastal theme bedroom evokes the breezy air on the coast. It is all about natural textures and sun-washed colors. With that in mind, consider using a combination of the white and blue palette. There are several ways to turn your lifeless bedroom into a lively one. One of these is adding woven textures and painting your bedroom walls with colors inspired by the sand and sea.

4. Traditional Theme

Do you want to add some European touch to your bedroom? If so, why not fill your room with regal furniture, antiques, and paint it with a rich color palette? To achieve a traditional-themed bedroom, you may add a multicolored rug or a bed that features delicate carvings.

With a traditional-themed bedroom, everything seems so established, time-honored, and conventional. To achieve a sense of constancy and solidity, adding an antique chandelier, tufted bench, and wainscoting is some of the easiest ways.

5. Bohemian Theme

Bohemian is one of the popular bedroom themes in these modern days. It is a style where everything seems so perfect. The Bohemian style is well-known because of its carefree design. This means that there is no permanent formula or instruction to follow. It also does not restrict you from combining global textiles and bold colors. Vintage and eclectic furniture are some of the perfect pieces you can add to this style. With that, consider adding a beaded chandelier, textile wall hanging, linens, patterns, and lots of rugs to your bedroom.

6. Contemporary Theme

The most common mistake by many is to use the terms modern and contemporary interchangeably. The two terms are widely different. A contemporary style requires more fluid rules, while a modern design needs very strict instructions. A contemporary bedroom allows anyone to sleep calmly because of its relaxing palette and calming design. In addition, this design does not require the most intricate furniture. A combination of basic shapes and clean lines can make anyone’s bedroom visually interesting.

7. Mid-century Modern Theme

The mid-century modern theme brings the mid-1940s to early 1960s atmosphere to your bedroom. This design is all about organic shapes, minimalism, and streamlined functionality. You can use a neutral backdrop and natural materials to achieve a mid-century modern look. Another element you should keep in mind when making a mid-century modern themed bedroom is to use furniture with futuristic style.

8. Modern Farmhouse Theme

This design is popular among American families. This style is appealing and offers an easy-going atmosphere. A modern farmhouse design uses the combination of new furniture with rustic and old ones to turn a boring bedroom into an area perfect to relax.

When recreating this bedroom theme, do not forget to add an iron bed and paint the walls with a weathered finish color, such as olive green or blush color. If you want to add an industrial feel to the area, using a wood mirror and rivets would be a brilliant choice.


A bedroom is a place where you can show your full creativity. It allows you to add your favorite collections, reveal your genuine feelings, and use your favorite colors in painting the walls.

There are several ways you can do to make your bedroom the happiest and most calming place to sleep. Aside from adding your desired furniture and following the bedroom themes listed above, make sure not to overlook your bedroom ceiling. It should be painted with a soft or subtle color. By doing so, you can visualize as if the ceiling is much lower than before, offering you a more intimate and comfortable feeling.

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