June 15, 2024


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Characteristics of High Quality Sheepskin Rugs

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High-quality sheepskin rugs have lots of benefits. They are resilient, soft, and stain-resistant. Wool is naturally springy, so the best quality rugs are resilient. They can handle indents from furniture. They can maintain their fresh look for a long time. High-quality sheepskin rugs have a natural coating of lanolin which makes them stain-resistant. They are very easy to clean and maintain. It is flame-resistant and versatile. There are a few simple ways to tell if you have high-quality sheepskin rugs. They include:

  • Wool Colour

Even though sheepskin rugs come in various colours, the natural colour of sheepskin is ivory. All sheepskin products come in different tones, and no two rugs can look exactly alike. This means that you will always have a unique product. If you opt for a dyed sheepskin rug, note that high-quality options are dyed with safe chemicals.

  • Density, Length, and Loft

The density of your sheepskin rug refers to the number of wool fibres in every square inch. The best sheepskin rugs have a high wool density. Low-grade sheepskins may have a low wool density. Ideally, the fibre length should be at least 65mm. The best rugs have both density and length. The loft of wool is its ability to remain straight when held up. If your sheepskin rug is of high quality, it will retain its loft for a long time. Avoid buying sheepskin with low fibre density as they are likely to flatten over time.

  • Size and Shape

An important characteristic that separates high-quality sheepskin rugs from lower quality options is shape and size. Usually, quality sheepskin is large, and it maintains a uniform shape. It has a round neck area and a full shape. A simple way to detect low quality sheepskin rugs is that the neck area may look jagged and pointed. There is no standard size as sheepskin is a natural product, and every rug is unique.

  • Feel

High-quality sheepskin rugs are very soft and full. Unlike faux options, they are pleasant to touch.

  • The Quality of Leather

The leather at the bottom part of your sheepskin rug should be supple and strong. While it is normal to have its natural smell, it shouldn’t have any strange or strong odours. Check to ensure that it is free of cracks, scratches, or holes. Low-quality sheepskin is likely to show signs of damage.

The leather should be thick and firm. Even though it is strong, it should maintain a supple feel. It should not wrinkle or slide around when placed on the floor. Most low-quality sheepskin rugs have a strange smell.

In conclusion, there are three main ways to differentiate high-quality sheepskin rugs from low-quality rugs: the shape and size, quality of leather, and the wool quality. Consider getting your sheepskin rugs from Hide Rugs. The family-owned and run business delivers high-quality and affordable products. They are all bi-products of the meat industry, and the customer service is great. You will always get exactly what you want since the rugs are photographed separately.