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How The Quarantine Will Change Home Design

Not in recent memory have so many Americans carried out nearly every aspect of our lives—working, schooling, resting, playing, eating—at home. Spending so much time at home has meant we’ve had to rethink the way we use certain spaces, from setting up workspaces inside and out to popping up virtual happy hours from our living room sofas.

While many of these quick-fix design solutions are likely (and hopefully) temporary, there’s no doubt all of this time at home will change what we need from our homes—and thus how we want them designed—for the foreseeable future. One home design concept that may prove less desirable going forward: the open floor plan.

Used to describe homes in which two or more traditional-use rooms (like the kitchen, living room, and dining room) are combined to form a much larger space by eliminating walls that would have divided them, open floor plans have

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Birthdays, Holidays, and More at Home: Ways to Celebrate

For those seeking a useful way to spend their time during social distancing—or anyone simply interested in forging a deeper connection with their homes—HB has launched Home Love, a series of daily tips and ideas to make every minute indoors more productive (and gratifying!).

It was my birthday last month, which seemed like a good excuse to slip into an A-line dress and put on earrings, a luxury I hadn’t partaken of in more than five weeks of low ponytails and yoga pants, thanks to social distancing. I made a chocolate-sour cream Bundt cake that my boyfriend and I devoured in 48 hours, and we had a virtual dinner with friends who were just a 20-minute walk away, eating mezze delivered to us from the same Mediterranean restaurant in our respective Budapest apartments. I wasn’t on a planned trip to Norway, as I had hoped to be, but I

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Woman who installed CCTV after home thefts watches it being raided again live while on holiday

A businesswoman who installed CCTV after her home was burgled twice watched it being raided for the third time live on her phone while on holiday, a court heard.

Company director Anne Ripley, 53, had been on a trip away to an undisclosed location when the burglary triggered an alarm just before 2am, which brought up footage of the crime taking place.

Mrs Ripley, who runs an online retail firm from her £500,000 five bedroomed cottage in the village of Bamford, Rochdale, could only look on as Kaylen Perry and Sam Taylor, both 20,  ransacked her living room before venturing upstairs to steal more. In total they stole around £4,500 of items, including handbags and cash.

When she passed on the footage to police, officers immediately recognised Perry and Taylor as both were already career criminals who had recently been freed early from jail.

The pair were arrested 11 days

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