July 14, 2024


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Commercial Carpet Tiles For Your Dream Home

Commercial Carpet Tiles For Your Dream Home

Have you been wanting to get your home refurbished lately? Besides the colour of the walls and the fabric for the upholstery, you also need to give your home flooring a due thought. Why not opt for flexible and cost-effective commercial carpet tiles to give your home flooring a brand new and attractive appeal?

If you are wondering whether these modular tiles will be able to render the same aesthetic value to the flooring of your home as traditional hand-woven carpets or other ceramic or clay tiles, you need not worry at all. These highly functional and durable tiles are known to produce a drastic transformation to the overall look and feel of any home that needs an interesting flooring solution. Let us take a look at how these modular tiles can bring great changes to the interior decoration and design aesthetics of your house.

Commercial carpet tiles are available in an exhaustive variety of designs, shapes, colours and patterns. Whether you want a sustainable flooring solution for your living room or the kids’ room, the bathroom or the kitchen, these tiles will give you all that you expect from any other flooring option. Irrespective of the shape or size of the space that you want to cover, these tiles can give you a comprehensive flooring solution to aptly cater to all your flooring requirements. So go ahead and experiment with these dynamic tiles. Opt for tiles with bold designs for the living room and pick up softer shades for the bathroom. For kitchen, you might like to prefer commercial carpet tiles of darker colours that might hide stains or marks, which are so common in kitchen spaces. For your living room, you can try out a check pattern or spirals and render a contemporary look to the space.

Another reason why these tiles are so popularly used for home flooring is that they are quite easy to install and maintain. Unlike traditional carpets that are heavy and typically require professional carpet layers who do the job for you, these tiles are light and easy to install, all by yourself! In fact you need not hire any man power to lay these tiles or to take them off. These tiles come with a self-glue strip, which when removed helps the tiles to stick on your floor and cover it properly. You can lay your carpet tiles in a matter of a few hours and without any external help. This means that you also end up spending a lot of money that you might have spent on outsourcing the job to a professional.

Do you wish to clean your tiles? Well, there is no requirement of going to a dry cleaner’s for the purpose. Simply take the tiles off the ground, wash them and replace them when they are dry. That done, enjoy the compliments you receive from guests when they visit you and get swept off their feet by the vibrant look of your commercial carpet tiles!