May 28, 2024


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Big Fears in the Life of a Dog

The most common pet that resides in almost every house is a dog. There are many people who fear dogs, but these timid creatures have far greater fears. A masonry construction company took this issue into consideration. This is the reason why masonry construction takes great care of acoustics and other petty issues that can scare a dog while a home is being erected.

There can be different reasons as to why dogs develop phobias. These include some genetic causes or some negative experience that it has gone through. Besides, if the dog lacks sufficient socialization in his early years, then again it tends to develop different fears. If your dog has certain phobias, then you will see him cowering, trembling, drooling, barking and sometimes in aggression or destructive behavior. In order to know more about your pet, you must be aware of the possible fears that it can have.

Astraphobia or the fear of lightning is quite common in dogs. Perhaps, this is the reason why dogs can sense a thunderstorm well before we are able to detect it. The amount of fear from lightning can vary in different dogs. Some have a mild fear, so you will see them tremble from lightning, while others have a severe phobia due to which they get a destructive behavior or go into a hiding.

Dogs also go through separation anxiety whose symptoms are clear when you leave a dog alone at home. Such dogs often go for destructive behavior as soon as their owners lock them in at home. You can also experience excessive barking from such dogs; however, this is a fear that can be minimized by training your pet in a process known as desensitization. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You simply have to train your dog so that it slowly gets used to being alone at home.

Many but not all dogs have a fear of riding in a car. This is mainly due to the lack of its early exposure to riding in a car. This may well be a result of some negative experience that the dog had encountered. You can reduce this fear by treats and praises that can slowly lure your dog into the car. After that, a good riding experience will end its fear forever.

Another interesting fear that a dog develops is the fear of strange or unknown objects. However, there is nothing to worry about in this type of fear as a dog’s reactions in this case would not be so troubling. Usually, a dog fears things like vacuum cleaners, holiday decorations, a child’s toy, but you can take care of this problem simply by removing these objects from his sight. At times, this can be a problem, for instance when your dog refuses to walk past a statue at the exit of your building.

There are many other fears that are part of a dog’s life, but if he or she is introduced to them then gradually they will learn to live with them. All a dog needs is proper training, and a little attention from your side, then it can overcome some of the biggest fears of its life.