June 13, 2024


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7 Easy Maximalist Decor Tips. The over-the-top, eclectic charm of design.

After a long stretch of subtle color palettes and understated furnishings, home design trends are shifting away from the minimalist decor that could sometimes feel stark or oversimplified for color schemes, furniture, and accessories that pack a punch. The over-the-top, eclectic charm of maximalist design is here to make its presence known and Sam Levitz Furniture has everything you need to make this funky, yet, elegant trend your own. Check out these easy tips to bring any room in your home to life with dramatic color choices, bold patterns, and an array of unexpected elements. 

One of the best ways to create an over-the-top maximalist space is by embracing pattern. Or better yet, multiple patterns–the louder the better. The trick to taking several patterns that don’t seemingly go together and combining them to make a room pop with visual intrigue is by starting with a relatively neutral palette. A tan couch or white-washed walls are the ideal backdrop for loud curtains or a busy area rug. To take ordinary patterns and give them the sought-after maximalist vibe, be sure to mix and match ones that appear to contradict one another. In many cases, the more wrong something feels at first, the better it will look in your maximalist space that’s seeping with drama.

Maximalist style is all about layering on the theatrics, and what better way to make a room feel moody than through bold color choices? As with impactful patterns, the sky is the limit in regard to the ways in which you can highlight one or more colors in a maximalist space. When it comes to incorporating a few poignant colors into a room without making it look messy or chaotic, keep these important tips in mind:

  • Choose hues with the same intensity, rather than ones that are muted and saturated
  • Pull colors from patterns within the space to create balance
  • Pair contrasting colors, such as green and orange, to make a big impact

The most successful maximalist rooms leave no space forgotten, and that includes the ceiling. Adorning your ceiling is an unexpected and creative way to give any space in your home warmth and personality. Whether you choose to paint your ceiling a solid color, cover it with funky wallpaper, or embellish it with intricate designs, be sure to choose colors and patterns that make the room feel big and bright, rather than small and dark. To finish your maximalist ceiling off, don’t forget to add light fixtures that are as enticing as the adorned ceiling itself, such as an ornate metallic chandelier.

Check out any home decor magazine or lifestyle blog that features maximalist design and you’re sure to repeatedly see one feature: wallpaper. When it comes to curating the maximalist aesthetic in a fresh, contemporary manner, wallpaper is popular for good reason. It comes in a wide variety of styles and patterns, it’s cost-effective, and it makes a statement. It’s also incredibly versatile, with many styles coming in peel and stick or reusable varieties, meaning you could wallpaper one wall or an entire room, then easily switch it up if it’s not what you expected. What’s the bottom line? Wallpaper is a must when designing a space that demands to be the center of attention.

If there’s one sentence that could accurately sum up what maximalist design is all about it’s “more is more.” While most people are used to hanging one large or a few small items on their walls, such as picture frames or artwork, designing an intentionally-busy wall (or walls) can add much-needed texture and charm to your maximalist room. One simple approach to making an impact without creating an utter mess is pairing like items together on a wall. For instance, hanging an assortment of decorative plates in a thoughtful pattern up a wall is a simple way to bring depth and interest to the space without using a typical photograph or painting. If you do choose to decorate a wall with photographs, try framing a collection of them in identical frames for a sophisticated vibe or use a variety of sizes from massive to miniature to add a dramatic flair, while still looking clean and fresh.

Oftentimes in maximalist spaces, ordinary household items can be used in unexpected ways. Window treatments are no exception. Incorporating curtain panels into a space (away from the windows) is an effortless way to add glamour and surprise. If you love the idea of adding dreamy curtains to other parts of your home but don’t know where to start, don’t fret. Try hanging them somewhere obvious, such as around your canopy bed, above your bathtub, or even on either side of a bookshelf. The result will be a chic and contemporary complement to any maximalist room.

Curating the ultimate maximalist home means embracing your inner rebel. Say “good-bye” to everything you thought you knew about home decor and replace it with all of your favorite styles, furnishings, and accessories. That’s right! Anything can go into a maximalist world. To help your maximalist space feel welcoming, comfortable, and, more importantly, personal, don’t be afraid to mix and match items that don’t necessarily go together but look surprisingly chic when they meet. For example, combining your grandmother’s dining room table with trendy metal chairs is perfection. Another idea would be to place an antique mirror above a mid-century-modern sectional. The possibilities are endless and we’re here to help you. You make the rules when it comes to designing a maximalist space that reflects your unique style, taste, and personality.

At the end of the day, maximalist design may seem like a collection of random colors, furnishings, and accessories jumbled together, but really it’s so much more. If nothing else, maximalist design should be a reflection of the things you love the most. When done right, maximalist decor will tell a story about who you are and what’s important to you like your hobbies, your tastes, your interests, and more. To learn more about maximalist design and to bring your home dreams to life with gorgeous one-of-a-kind furnishings, visit our showroom or contact us today!