July 21, 2024


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5 Ways to Revive a Gardening Shed

5 Ways to Revive a Gardening Shed


An outdated and worn shed can be an eyesore when you want to enjoy your lush garden. With so many ways to revive a gardening shed, you can quickly turn it into an attractive feature that becomes part of the garden design. Here, we share the best five ways to update your shed, no matter what the season.

1. Fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint will bring that dull-looking shed back to life. Acrylic latex paint is ideal for a shed since it will withstand extreme weather conditions. You can choose whether you want to introduce a pop of color or make the shed cohesive with the house exterior. 

What color to paint your shed? Sage green is a fresh choice that will blend in with the environment. Light gray and taupe tones are modern choices for a sophisticated curb appeal. If you prefer to keep the current finish, you can paint just the door in a vibrant color. 

5 Ways to Revive a Gardening Shed
Nicely organized small shed (from Houzz)

2. Accessorize

Don’t forget to accessorize your shed to make it feel like a part of your backyard. Decorate with planters and hanging baskets to make the area feel lively while showing off your gorgeous blooms. Add a potting bench for functionality and a revamped feel. A nicely curated seating area brings charm while providing a calm spot to enjoy your morning coffee. 

A gorgeous design that looks like a tiny house (from Houzz)

3. Organize

A cluttered and disorganized shed isn’t an attractive feature that boosts the curb appeal. However, this problem has a pretty simple solution. All you need to do is develop adequate storage solutions to keep those tools neat and easily accessible. Take advantage of the vertical space and install hooks and shelving for organization.

Use the vertical space for storage (from Houzz)

4. Embrace a modern look

Remember that you have plenty of freedom with your garden shed design. When an outdated shed design doesn’t fit your contemporary garden, a modern update will do the job. A custom-made shed will match your aesthetics, while you have plenty of freedom regarding functionality. 

Modern shed design (from Houzz)

5. Give it a purpose

The purpose of a shed isn’t limited to storing your garden equipment. If you need extra space to accommodate your family’s needs, repurposing the shed is an excellent choice. Some might want to turn it into a cheerful play area for their kids. Others might prefer to set up a home office to solve the most common challenges of working from home with plenty of privacy. 

If you have a dedicated space to enjoy your hobby, the shed can be an ideal pick. People with a green thumb can easily turn the area into a charming greenhouse. Or, the empty space can become your own art studio and gallery. With so many options to choose from, don’t let that extra square footage go to waste. 

DIY potting bench for convenience (from The Spruce)
Wall storage to use every single inch of the available vertical space (from Ideal Home)
Rustic shed (from Ideal Home)
Add a seating area to enjoy your garden (from Made on 23rd)
Paint the door in a bright color for vibrancy (from BHG)
Modern shed design (from Homedit)


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