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31 Things From Wayfair That Will Give Your Home Space

31 Things From Wayfair That Will Give Your Home Space

Any house feels small with a bunch of stuff lying around. Get these things to feel like you’ve doubled the size of your home’s interior.

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A geometric bookcase because stacking books on horizontal shelves is so last year. Plus, this baby saves heaps of space and looks good while doing it.


Promising Review: “Great storage for my nursing school books!” —Keri

Price: $96.99


A wall-mounted drill storage shelf with a built-in space for power cords. It may have been designed for drills, but you can honestly use this as a charging station anywhere in the house. Charge all the phones, tablets, and other electronics you have. It has space for all of them.


Promising Review: “I bought this for my husband. He easily put it together. It will be great for him to store and charge his drills.” —Lois

Price: $68.99 (originally $79.99)


A toy chain because your kids’ toys can be so fun to look at. Decorate *and* organize in the blink of an eye.


Promising Review: “Exactly what I was looking for to organize my daughter’s stuffed animals. Worked like a charm.” —Anderson

Price: $18.99


A desk organizer to create vertical space for larger items like printers and binders. They also stack if you want to create your own custom shelving. Think about how much space skyscrapers save in cities — this can be like building your own personal office skyscraper.


Promising Review: “Love this! Gave me more space for my desk. It was just what I needed!” —Leah Lou

Price: $41.99 (originally $43.99)


A tool storage drawer that has wheels to bring your equipment anywhere your project takes you — makes cleaning up a cinch as well. Watch your junk drawers and garage clear up with this handy portable unit.


Promising Review: “Love the versatility of these. Bought them to fit under the workbench. Sturdy for plastic, and I really like that they come with wheels.” —Sheryl

Price: $105.89


A free-standing bathroom cabinet because most bathrooms don’t have built-in storage. Bring in the storage yourself, and watch your bathroom ~shine.~


Promising Review: “Fit perfectly in a small space in my bathroom. Love it!” —Linda

Price: $98.99


A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet to keep everything safe, secure, and out of sight. It also has a handy bar unit for hanging towels and clothes. With this one installation, your bathroom goes from messy to tidy.


Promising Review:  “Great quality for the price, easy to assemble, and it worked well in my newly remodeled bathroom.” —Maudeen

Price: $71.99 (available in three colors)


A square accent shelf that combines style and storage. Create space and intrigue in your home with this one super-fancy addition!


Promising Review: “It looks great, just four pieces you click in together. Looks very stylish and interesting. Love it!” —Svitlana

Price: $38.99 (originally $45, available in four colors)


A six-drawer double dresser that is so big it will fit your entire wardrobe. No matter how you like to divide your clothes, there is a space for everything in here, which means no more rogue piles of clothes around the room.


Promising Review: “I love this dresser! The gloss white makes it look very contemporary. Using the video instructions makes it easier to put it together. I would definitely recommend this product.” —Kimberly

Price: $329.99 (originally $389.05, available in three colors)


A set of fabric under-bed storage containers to utilize the space below the bed. The containers are spacious and will keep all that pesky dust out of your stuff.


Promising Review: “Fit all my shoes under my bed perfectly with these! Opened up more space in my room.” —Terence

Price: $27


A set of twill baskets that say “Live, Laugh, Love.” Live with more space in which to laugh and fall in love with these handy baskets.


Promising Review: “Love them! I bought them to store cloth diapers on a shelf above my changing table, and they work perfectly! They feel sturdy, and they look nice.” —Adam

Price: $22.18 (originally $26.99)


A jumbo storage bin with a fabric exterior because storage bins can look pretty too. This one is so pretty that you won’t have to keep it in the garage.


Price: $78.99 (originally $106.99)


A metal fruit basket with two levels to keep all your delicious fruit and veggies in one place. It offers double the space for double the healthy eating. Time to get those smoothies and salads going!


Promising Review: “Very sturdy and easy to put together. Perfect for storing for small produce. So cute on the countertop.” —JM

Price: $25.16 (originally $30)


A golf storage rack because you’re an organized linksman. Hole in one? More like store in one!


Promising Review: “Works great, perfect amount of storage for my golf stuff, and the extra shelves are perfect for our cycling shoes.” —Ashley

Price: $99.99


A free-standing bike rack that can hold not one, but *two* bikes. Bikes are notoriously the most inconvenient things to store (especially if you live in an apartment) — that is, until you get this bad boy.


Promising Review: “I used it for two large bikes without pinning it to the wall, and it’s working great! Highly recommend.” —Leila

Price: $43.48 (originally $70.04)


An over-the-toilet shelf to make everything you need in the bathroom easier to reach. The toilet is an essential part of any bathroom, so you might as well make the most of it, and with three shelves you can save *so* much space.


Promising Review: “It is just what I needed for my daughter’s messy bathroom. It is very sturdy, and it took me less than 40 minutes to get it together. Now, every product has its own place on the shelf.” —Lydie

Price: $61.99 (originally $70.99, available in two colors)


A shed for garbage cans to protect your bins from rain, snow, and other inclement weather while blending into your yard. It’s like Oscar the Grouch’s dream house.


Promising Review: “Extremely happy with this storage shed. Planning on making it a container for my generator. That way I can use it outside without it getting wet or snowed on, plus I can lock it up securely. Love it!” —Ynez

Price: $348.00


A pegboard for your tools because digging around in drawers is inefficient and time consuming. Plus, you’ll have so much fun arranging them on the wall! Organize by color, size, shape — whatever your creative heart desires.


Promising Review: “Worked out just right for my project. This pegboard replaced my old pegboard and is far more superior. Great value.” —Alexandria

Price: $40.01 (originally $56.50)


A toy organizer that supports up to 16 plastic bins filled with your kid’s favorite play things. Imagine a world where toys are never left on the floor again — it can be yours!


Promising Review: “Exactly what I ordered. Easy assembly, quick shipping, and totally helping my spoiled child keep her million tiny toys off the floor. Which is priceless.” —Sara

Price: $79.99 (available in four colors)


A rotary mesh organizer to make space for every little trinket you need in your office. Clear your desk of clutter, and never waste time searching for anything again. That’s the definition of a ~win-win.~


Promising Review: “Very nice and exactly as pictured. Fits a lot of pens and random things like erasers, paper clips, and staples. Highly recommend!” —Ashlee

Price: $12.99


A set of hanging storage baskets to make the most of the space you have, no matter how little it is. Don’t leave space-saving up to the cabinets alone! Your walls can help out too.


Promising Review: “We don’t have much counter space in our kitchen and lots of wasted wall space, so this product is perfect for us.” —Lilian

Price: $54.99 (originally $63.99)


A set of key hooks with a built-in mail slot to keep the counters, dining table, and any surface in your home clear of junk mail. Also, never lose your keys again! What really creates space in a home is cleaning up the small things, and this little guy will make that easier than ever.


Promising Review: “Looks really neat, installation is straightforward, and helps keep the clutter contained.” —Raphael

Price: $21.99 (originally $25.99, available in two colors)


A cube bookcase because space saving is even better when it’s symmetrical. You can also store things in an asymmetrical fashion. We won’t judge, and you’ll still create more space.


Promising Review: “I love it! Super easy to put together, has so much space, and fits my wall perfectly!” —Alexandra

Price: $124.99 (originally $131.99, available in two colors)


A rotating cosmetic organizer with a small footprint that looks like it came straight from the future. Each tier rotates 360 degrees while keeping all your makeup and beauty products in one place. Watch your bathroom counter become cleaner than ever.


Promising Review: “Great-looking and practical organizer. I use it in the bathroom for lotions, makeup, brushes, hair accessories, etc. to eliminate clutter that can pile up around the sink. Would definitely recommend!” —Barbara

Price: $25.00


A beehive-inspired drawer organizer because even your storage spaces can be organized. The more space you save in the drawers, the more space you save in the house. It’s simple math.


Promising Review: “This product is a game changer when it comes to organizing. It’s easy to assemble and creates a neat aesthetic look within your drawers. I’m able to find things easily.” —Eva

Price: $15.99 (originally $31.99)


A set of cabinet dividers that will make storing even the most awkwardly shaped items super easy. It comes with mounting screws as well, in case you want to make the placement permanent. A straight-up cabinet upgrade.


Promising Review: “Love the quality and the organization this product has brought to my life!” —Jennifer

Price: $15.91 (originally $17.68)


A hanging closet organizer to turn your small closet into a one-stop shop for space saving. No matter the size or shape of the item, it can fit in there no problem. Who says closets are only for clothes?


Promising Review: “Great product, easy to install, and made my closets much more organized.” —Matt

Price: $33.99


An aesthetically pleasing hamper that has removable laundry bags and two slots to keep your clothes organized, even when they’re dirty! However you like to divide your loads, this unit will deliver, all while looking chic. Darks and lights will never have to see each other again!


Promising Review: “I love the way this hamper looks in my bedroom. It fits in with my decor, and is the best size and configuration for the space.” —Peggy

Price: $89.99


A tufted storage ottoman that looks like it’s straight out of a Victorian mansion. It’s so comfy you might forget it has stuff inside. But then again, you’ll remember when you see all the extra space in your cabinets and around your home.


Promising Review: “Love this piece and the details! Sturdy and great storage space inside the ottoman.” —Nicole

Price: $219.99 (originally $238.99, available in four colors)


A freestanding shoe rack that fits 24 pairs. Get your collection off the floor and on display because your kicks rule.


Promising Review: “This is a perfect solution to my cluttered entranceway.” —Pauline

Price: $32.62 ($62.99)


An organizer tray that is perfect for makeup, jewelry, hair products, and other odds and ends. Whenever you’re getting ready for a big night out, this handy item will help you look your best in as little time (and while wasting as little space) as possible. Now go get ’em tiger!


Promising Review: “Love this item. I use it on my nightstand to organize all my remote controls, earphones, night and lip creams. So useful.” —Erma Linda

Price: $18.99 (originally $30)

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