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23 Front Lawn Landscaping Ideas For 2022


Having a beautiful-looking front yard has several benefits in addition to its aesthetic appeal. Not only will it highlight the architectural features of your home and its overall beauty, but it will also raise its value by increasing its curb appeal.

Looking for ways to spruce up your front lawn? I’ve compiled this list of 23 front yard landscaping ideas to give you inspiration for your next design.

A Splash Of Colour

Colorful plants in the front lawn

One of the easiest and most simple ways to liven up your front garden is to add color. Grab a bunch of your favorite flowers in complementing colors, and plan out where you plant them so that they grow in a gorgeous pattern, just like the one in the image above. 

Imagine a flood of beautiful purple Rock Cress (Arabis) plants enveloping your garden with pops of Green Hellebores to break up the color. Just gorgeous!

A Beautiful Flower And Lawn Combo

Manicured lawn  with beautiful plants surrounding it

Having a yard surrounded by evergreen bushes and beautiful summer flowers is the most simple yet satisfying landscape design idea yet! This is also probably one of the easiest methods and fairly inexpensive ideas to carry out, without needing to put in much effort at all. 

A luscious green lawn with a flower bed made up of a mix of a couple of your favorite blooms has the power to make your home’s exterior more inviting. Throw in some hanging plants if you have a front porch and some garden statues and you’re good to go with major curb appeal! 

A Picture Perfect Blooming Garden 

Various flowering plants in bloom in the front lawn

This idea has definitely got to be one of my favorites among all these front yard landscaping ideas. You can never go wrong with a variety of blooming plants in your garden! 

Flowers such as those pictured above are the perfect types of blooms if you’re going for a bright, funky, and playful vibe. Consider planting flower beds that consist of flowers such as daisies, riviera rose, Erinus Alpinus, and watch them come to life!

Simple Yet Satisfying 

A flower bed with blooming lilies

Ever heard the saying “Less is more”? Not everyone is into having a fancy, pristine and well-thought-out front yard. Most of us don’t really have much time to spare on these projects amid the daily hustle and bustle of life. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an aesthetically-pleasing garden! Just have a look at the image above – it’s one of the most simple to execute garden ideas but it’s still so pretty! 

The flower beds for this idea could be made up of flowers such as lilies or daisies, and a slightly sloped heap of mulch.

A Front Yard For Outdoor Relaxation

Front yard with comfy lounge area

Here’s another one of my front yard landscaping ideas! This idea consists of a front garden with a comfy place to relax and rewind with your loved ones after a busy day. This idea is all about pristine edging and shaping – and I’m here for it!

Add a stone pathway to the seating area which you could furnish with some modern comfy furniture. Finish off the look with some garden gnomes or little garden statues.

Swirls Of Flowers

elevated  concrete flower beds

Feel like you’re ready to get your hands into some creative front yard landscaping projects? Well, this one might be the one for you! If you’d like to go all the way and emulate exactly what’s shown in the image above, you’ll need to get some construction work done for the base. 

If you like this idea but would rather not build the base, you could alternatively create a similar pattern using garden stones and pebbles.

Bring out your gardening gloves  because this idea requires you to plant a bunch of small and short blooms to build your flower bed. Have fun with it, there’s so much room to play around with colors and textures here!

Traditional Front Yard

Front yard with low-growing flowers

This gorgeous idea makes use of colorful, flat, and low-growing flowers, such as Creeping Phlox. This front yard idea requires you to carefully plan the pattern you’d like to create on your lawn so that you can plant your low-growing flowers exactly where they should be.

Before grabbing your shovel and gardening gloves, you should trace out the design you’re aiming for on the area you wish for it to grow. You can use a spade to outline the pattern to make it easy to plant your flowers in the perfect position. 

A Pristine Front Yard With Evergreens 

Front lawn with blooming flowers  and evergreen shrubs

What’s better than a garden full of blooming flowers and luscious evergreens in your yard? If you have a large yard, this idea is definitely one to consider! This is because you’ll need a wide area to be able to fit these gorgeously shaped evergreens without your yard looking too clustered. 

You can fit just about any kind of flower into this idea, so the choice is all yours! 

A Green Affair!

Front lawn with a lot of trees

Trees covering most of your front yard? Follow this idea for inspiration on how to embrace that beautiful foliage and make it part of the fun! 

First, you will need to find a bare spot on your lawn and outline a funky shape. The middle of your outlined area will be where you can plant evergreen bushes and flowers of your liking. 

While this idea kind of adopts a green theme, that doesn’t mean it isn’t aesthetically pleasing! You can pull it off with just green plants, but feel free to add in pops of color.  

Simple, Low Maintenance Front Yard

Patches of flower beds in front lawn

This idea is most commonly used for commercial properties, but it can also work in residential areas if you have the space for it. Basically, this idea is all about having little patches of patterned flower beds on your lawn with a focal point in the middle of it. 

For your focal point, you can use a mix of taller plants with a luscious tree in the center.

An Illuminated Front Yard

Illuminated lights in the front lawn

If you like to entertain outdoors in the evening, this idea that focuses on illuminating your garden at night would be perfect for you!

As you can see from the image above, the plants used to achieve this look are quite different in height, texture, color, and size. To finish off this illuminated look, you’ll have to pop some garden lights in between your plants.

A Little Front Yard Idea

Small front yard space with shrubs and little trees

Don’t have much yard space but need some tips on how to spruce up the little space you have in the front of your home? If you have a window facing your front yard space, you shouldn’t block it with trees or shrubs if you enjoy the sunlight that peaks through. 

To create a beautiful yard space while still making sure you don’t plant anything that’s tall enough to cover the window and block the sun, you will need to find plants that vary in height. Alternatively, you could grow any plants you prefer but you’d need to monitor their growth regularly and trim them as and when needed.

Trees Galore!

Front lawn with a bunch of trees

Who said front lawns couldn’t be aesthetically pleasing with just trees? This idea screams simplicity! There really isn’t a lot going on in the image above – but that’s what makes it so beautiful. The trees themselves are the center of attention, and they make for a gorgeous focal point!

This idea also makes use of the varying tree height concept, but these are just a bit more spaced out. You can also add in flowers here and there surrounding each tree, but these beautiful trees definitely take the cake!

Mounds Of Shrubbery With Pops Of Colour

mounds of shrubbery and flowering plants

Have a sloped front yard and can’t figure out what garden designs would work best? How about creating these gently sloped mounds with rounded shrubbery and low-growing flowers?

Feel free to play around with different shades of green shrubbery and make sure to edge the border of your sloped little garden to give it some definition. 

Boxwood Shrubs For The Win!

Boxwood plants being trimmed

Boxwood shrubs are like Mother Nature’s best-kept secret! Having these in your yard makes such a big (and beautiful) difference. They grow really well and, once shaped, they’re sure to give your yard a whole new look.

I have boxwood shrubs growing alongside my front fence and it’s amazing at concealing an open yard while giving you a pristine and forest-like look!

A Modern Design

Modern front lawn design

Nowadays, modern front yard landscaping ideas are all about keeping it bright and clean – with gentle pops of color. Take the above image, for example. We have these gorgeous pebbles surrounding a simple evergreen bush. 

Everything about this idea just works so well! From the neutral colors to the pop of green – this is definitely one of the best among them. 

A Majestic Front Yard

Front yard with carefully trimmed shrubs

If you have a large yard and are willing to put in a lot of time and effort to perfect it, this idea is definitely worth the trouble! Fair warning, you might need to hire help to execute and maintain this type of yard. 

As you can see from the image above, this idea focuses more on shape than color. I think I could admire these precisely-shaped trees all day! 

Traditional Japanese

Traditional japanes front lawn design

The Japanese really outdid themselves with this tree-shaping idea! These funky-shaped trees really don’t need any accompaniments and can turn your yard from drab to fab in no time!

These trees require some special skill to get them shaped so beautifully, so it might be in your best interests to get a professional to help if you’re not familiar with shaping tools.

A Garden Path

Front lawn with a garden path

What better way to keep people from walking across your luscious lawn than to create a designated walkway? Not only will a walkway save your lawn from damage, but it also looks very aesthetically pleasing when laid out in a pretty shape, like the one in the image above.

Create a pretty flower bed with some medium-sized shrubbery and your favorite flower alongside the walkway, and maybe a light or two to illuminate it at night and you’re good to go!

Modern Water Feature

Front lawn with a pond

If you’re looking to pull out all the stops, meet your perfect front yard landscaping match! This modern and sleek water feature is hands down the most exquisite of the lot. Think crystal clear water with huge polished rocks at the base and a bunch of gorgeous plants and shrubs all around it. You can also omit the water aspect and opt for a dry river bed.

Does it even get better than this? I’m obsessed! The only possible concern to keep in mind with this idea is that it’s not going to be very cost-effective and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to execute.

Front Yard Turned Pretty Park

front lawn with rock and water features

The main focal point of this idea is the rock and water feature. Now, I know rock features don’t always have a good reputation, but this one is exceptional! 

Once you’ve laid out your rock pattern and managed to get your water feature running, you can plant some beautiful perennial flower plants alongside it. If your customized pattern gives you space to plant on both sides of it, go for it!

Traditionally Antwerp

Front yard with Antwerp landscaping design

Is your home’s architecture antique and beautifully castle-like? This Antwerp front yard landscaping ideas is the perfect pairing for a more traditionally built home!

This idea plays on a mix of boxwood plants, low-growing annual flowers, evergreens, and fern for its flower bed – and they all compliment each other so well!

Wooden Flower Pot Arrangement

Raised wooden flower bed

This one’s for those with smaller front yards. It’s basically a large flower pot made out of wood that you can grow your favorite flowers and plants in. 

When you’re restricted in space, it’s always a good idea to play around with plants of different heights and textures to make it appear more full. 

P.S. Check out this article for some cost-effective backyard ideas to give you some more inspiration!


How Can I Make My Front Yard More Attractive?

You can make your front yard more attractive by adding rock features and lighting, upgrading bed borders, and planting ground covers to hide unsightly areas. There are several other ways to increase curb appeal including adding perennial shrubs and making a garden bed around your mailbox.

What Kind Of Plants Should I Put In My Front Yard?

The kinds of plants you should put in your front yard include roses, hydrangeas and hostas. Those are the most common, but you could definitely also consider planting others such as arborvitae and azaleas as well.

What Can I Put In My Front Yard Instead Of Grass?

Instead of grass, you could put groundcovers and artificial turf. You could also plant Corsican mint, creeping thyme, clover, evergreen moss, and native perennial beds.

How Can I Make My Front Yard Low Maintenance?

You can make your front yard low maintenance by reducing the frequency at which you mow your lawn, automating your watering system, and using mulch.

That’s A Wrap!

There you have it! 23 of the best landscaping ideas for front yards! It’s such a pleasure to be able to entertain guests and just enjoy your garden when it looks pretty and presentable.

I hope this article has sparked your creativity and given you inspiration for when it’s time to revamp your outdoor area. Please leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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