April 20, 2024


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Vision Home Builders State Response


COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — There are new developments Monday night in an ongoing I-team investigation into the abrupt closing of Vision Home Builders in Columbia County.

Several customers of the company say they are not pleased with the response they got from the state regarding complaints they filed against vision home builders.

There are a lot of moving and still unfolding parts to this story. Customers say they were hoping for a better response from the Pennsylvania Attorney’s General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

“I shook his hand the day we signed our contract. I’m from the old school where a handshake is worth a thousand words,” Robert Morgan told Eyewitness News on May 5, 2022.

That’s what Robert Morgan told Eyewitness News back on May 5, when the I-team met with him and his wife Carol, at the site of their new home construction near Washingtonville in Montour county. It was a grassy field with wooden stakes, where they hoped to have their dream home built.

But they as with more than a dozen customers say they were stunned when Vision Home Builders abruptly closed its doors in late April.

The owner, Jeff McCreary, said he had no choice but to cease operations due in large part to the negative financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The morgans say they were left high and dry financially with nothing to show for it. They filed a complaint against the company with the State Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Seeking to have their money returned, around $50,000 dollars. The Morgans received a letter from the bureau indicating that Vision Home Builders made a settlement offer, but Carol Morgan says the settlement was unacceptable.

“They are offering us again less than what we paid for their services, for Morgans’ foundation work. Well, they haven’t even put a shovel into the ground,” said Carol Morgan, a customer of Vision Home Builders.

Morgan responded to the letter and expressed her disappointment.

“So I’m waiting to hear back from the Attorney Generals’ Office to hear what they have to say about my letter refuting everything that vision put in their letter,” said Carol Morgan.

A spokesperson for the state attorney general’s office responded to customer concerns.

Molly Stieber, the Press Secretary for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office said in a statement:
“As I mentioned, mediation is voluntary on the part of the business. Our office works very hard to mediate complaints we receive from consumers, but we cannot force a business through mediation to engage in issues. The mediation process is separate from any investigation or legal action by our office. As I have said previously, we can neither confirm nor deny any investigation into this matter.”

Amber Bradshaw says she too received a letter from the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection that indicated Vision Home Builders told the state that she owes the company some $30,000. She insists the company owes her around $130,000 dollars.

Bradshaw went to the offices of Vision Home Builders last week, trying to speak with Jeff McCreary when a confrontation ensued.


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