Hyundai introduces an array of new air conditioning tech in pursuit of a cleaner interior

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The air conditioning systems in Hyundai, Kia and Genesis vehicles are about to get a little better. Hyundai Motor Group just announced three new features it’s developed to improve the experience: after-blow, multi-air mode and a fine dust indicator.

We’ll begin with the fine dust indicator technology. Hyundai is able to measure the concentration and pollution level of ultrafine particles in the vehicle in real time. It then displays the data to those in the vehicle via the climate control panel in numbers and colors. Different colors (blue, green, orange and red) represent varying levels of pollution in the vehicle. If it reaches the orange range, an air-cleaning mode will automatically run to purify the air inside the car. This mode sets the fan between level 3 and 8, swaps to air recirculation mode and activates the air conditioning.

Next up is the multi-air

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