Looking To Refresh Your Space? R29’s New Home Decor Collection Is Here To Help

In the era B.C. (before COVID), “home” had its designated purposes. It was where you slept, got dressed, sometimes cooked. You’d come and go. On whims. You’d vacuum only when absolutely necessary.

Now, several months deep in quarantine, “home” is: an office, a restaurant, a workout studio, a bar, a spa, a beach, a library, a movie theater, et al. Which means it’s the perfect time to give your space a makeover.

For over a year now, Refinery29 has been working hard to create a creative line of home goods that’ll help make the interior of your home feel just as inspiring as the outdoors once did.

Designed in partnership with VCNY New York, the full collection is curated by women, and it might include just the home-office-spa-gym accent your prolonged quarantine has been waiting for. With a line-up of bright statement pillows, textiles, and sheet sets, the

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Everything you need to keep cool during a heatwave: From day to night

These are the best products to keep you cool and comfortable, day and night: iStock
These are the best products to keep you cool and comfortable, day and night: iStock

Summer is finally here and while many of us are currently avoiding the usual sweaty commute, we still need help keeping cool while at home, as the majority of the UK are without air conditioning.

Sweltering temperatures may be lovely for sunbathing in the garden, topping up your tan with a barbecue meal, but a heatwave is not so comfortable when you’re trying to work from home and get to sleep.

While in a perfect world we’d have air conditioning blaring through our rooms and a permanent feeling of stepping out of a refreshing cold shower, for now, we’ll have to make do with products that will keep us cool instead.

If you’re looking to celebrate the hot weather with a barbecue, look to our guide to dining alfresco, covering everything from tools to

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Inside The Weeknd’s Gorgeous $25 Million LA Mansion and Its Neon-Lit Car Garage

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You could call it the ultimate Weeknd getaway. Nestled in the celebrity enclave of Hidden Hills, north of the Los Angeles sprawl, this sleek, farmhouse-style mansion has been home to Canadian music sensation Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, for the past three years.

Tesfaye, 30, who was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine for his estimated 2017 earnings of a staggering $92 million, reportedly paid $18.2 million for the then-new 13,500-square-foot home.

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Set on three lush acres off an ultra-private road, the home is easy to spot on Google Earth for its eye-popping, bright-orange basketball court.

And at night, you might just spy the bright neon flooding out of the home’s jaw-dropping garage.

Built to accommodate Tesfaye’s rotating car collection—he’s currently said to own a 618 hp McLaren P1 hypercar, a Lamborghini Aventador SV roadster,

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These are the top 10 most popular US states for living in a tiny home

An Icon 3D-printed tiny home in Austin, Texas, in 2019.
An Icon 3D-printed tiny home in Austin, Texas, in 2019.

Katie Canales/Business Insider

  • Home improvement site HomeAdvisor found the 10 most popular US states for tiny home living.

  • The site zeroed in on the states with the most Instagram posts that were tagged with the #tinyliving hashtag.

  • Some of the best US states for tiny living include California, Florida, and Texas.

  • The tiny home movement has gained traction in the US in recent years, offering a lifestyle that’s potentially less expensive, more mobile, and more sustainable.

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The tiny home movement has captured the hearts of Americans in recent years.

Tiny homes are defined as abodes that are under 400 square feet. The movement has picked up steam, with many opting for the tiny lifestyle to save money or to be able to travel freely. Sustainable energy use and waste systems are also

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