April 19, 2024


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Upcoming Home Furnishing Sourcing Fairs in Asia

A comprehensive list of Asian home furnishing fairs this spring, with insider details.


India Carpet Expo (Feb 12 – 15)
Almost 200 carpet manufacturers and exporters will attend this fair in New Delhi.

Ambiente Frankfurt (Feb 13-17)
The passage sections of Ambiente feature suppliers and manufacturers from around the world. A great show for home décor and housewares.

Indian handicrafts and Gifts Fair (Feb 25 – 28)
The biggest furniture and home accent fair in India. Fantastic products and great values for people looking to source in India with over 1000 suppliers.


India Houseware & Gift Fair (Mar 1 – 3)
-Smaller than IHGF, there are still more than 500 suppliers in handicrafts, housewares, and textiles.

MIFF Malaysia (Mar 3 – 7)
-More than 500 Malaysian furniture manufacturers and exporters.

Cebu International Furniture and Furnishings Exhibition (Mar 5 – 8)
-A smaller show with all the top local Cebu manufacturers and designers.

Manila Now (Mar 5 – 8)
-More than 100 furniture and home décor suppliers.

IFFS Singapore (Mar 9 – 12)
-One of the leading furniture fairs in Asia for good design.

IFFINA Indonesia (Mar 11 – 15)
-The largest furniture fair in Indonesia, this is also the best furniture show of the year for finding Indonesian suppliers.

VIFA Vietnam (Mar 11 – 14)
-A smaller furniture fair with around 100 suppliers. This fair has mostly furniture companies, but not as many suppliers as the fall HCMC Expo.

TIFF Thailand (Mar 11 – 15)
-200 Thai home furnishings suppliers

Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair (Mar 16-20)
-A huge furniture fair near the heart of furniture city in Houjie. Also, there is a home accent and lighting section.

CIFF Guangzhou, China (Mar 18 – 21)
The biggest and best furniture fair in China in the Spring. Also running concurrently are sections for home accents and housewares.

SIFE Shenzhen (Mar 19 – 22)
Another huge furniture fair, not as large as the other two shows running at the same time, but still very big and lots of manufacturers at this show.

SFIFC Metal Furniture Fair – Bazhou City, Hebei, China (Mar 23 – 25)
-Primarily dealing with glass and metal furniture including residential furniture, office furniture, business furniture, and outdoor furniture. Over 1000 enterprises will present in the fair,

Premier Vision China (Mar 30 – 31)
-One of the best high end fabric shows in China


Hong Kong International Lighting -Spring (Apr 13 – 16)
-The premier fall Asian lighting fair is now twice a year. Manufacturers and suppliers are from around the world, but a majority are Chinese and HK companies. There are not nearly as many companies at the spring event and only occupies one tenth of the floor space.

Manila F.A.M.E (Apr 15 – 18)
-The largest home furnishings fair in the Philippines

The Canton Fair (Apr 15 -19, Apr 24 – 28, May 3 – 7)
-One of the oldest, and by far the biggest home furnishing fair in the world (if you include the surrounding fairs). Phase 2 (Apr 24 – 28) of the Canton Fair is when most of home furnishings suppliers show there. Phase 1 includes lighting, and Phase 3 has home textiles, carpets and rugs. Overall, there are over a million square meters of exhibition space and over 50,000 suppliers. Please note, that while there are more furniture manufacturers now attending the canton fair, it is still not as good as the CIFF for furniture, but it is much better for home accents. Four fairs are within walking distance. To read more about these fairs Click Here.

Hong Kong Housewares (Apr 20 – 23)
-One of the best houseware fairs in the world, there are thousands of manufacturers from China, India, Asia, and other parts of the world. Products are housewares, textiles, handicrafts, and a level of Pet Supplies.

China Sourcing Fair: Home Products + India Sourcing Fair: Home Products (Apr 20 – 23)
-Both fairs are at one location in Hong Kong (the Expo Center, near the airport). This is an unassociated extension of the Hong Kong Houseware fair. Expect to find thousands more suppliers. But, since the HK Housewares is the premium event, suppliers at this event typically are waiting to get a space at the HK Convention Center in the coming years. Shuttles and the train make it easy to travel back and forth between events.

Hong Kong Gifts and Premiums (Apr 27 – 30)
-A huge event, but not as appealing for home furnishing buyers. These are often less expensive products, but some product categories of interest, include picture frames, ceramics, and clocks. Also running at the same time, is the China Sourcing Fair: Gifts & Premiums (Apr 28 – May 1), at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong.