July 25, 2024


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“The House My Wedding Bought” Allows Couples to Have a Dream Home and a Dream Wedding

“The House My Wedding Bought” Allows Couples to Have a Dream Home and a Dream Wedding

You may know Breegan Jane as one of the stars of HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but she’s about to grace our screens in an entirely different series, as the host of Discovery+’s The House My Wedding Bought, which premieres today, June 16th.

In this show, Jane ventures away from the interior design realm we know and love her for, and instead, helps couples who want both a dream wedding and a dream house. The interior designer joins the couples in touring wedding venues and nearby abodes at a range of price points, before working together to decide the most money-savvy way to get the best of both worlds, without compromising too much.

“Getting married and buying a house at the same time is a lot to take on,” Jane said in a statement. “They have one budget to pay for two of life’s biggest events. I help them figure out needs versus wants so they can make smart, affordable investments.”

host breegan jane left shows the couple right an unfinished storage space they could use for hanging with friends as seen on the house my wedding bought


So, how did these two equally important-yet-stressful ventures differ? “The wedding process presented more challenges,” Jane tells House Beautiful. This was “because the couples had an already established fairytale, idealized idea of what they wanted,” which typically wasn’t the case when it came to buying a home.

Ultimately, the biggest takeaway from hosting The House My Wedding Bought, says Jane, is being “reminded of all the love, energy and comfort that our homes hold.” The interior designer also mentioned that our homes “are meant to help facilitate and bear witness to the joyous moments of life,” which is certainly something many of us have learned firsthand, given the extensive amount of time we’ve spent at home amidst the pandemic. “So often we get bogged down with what room needs to be cleaned or which dishes need washing. We easily forget how much of a privilege it is to simply live and spend time with the ones we love,” she says.

Clearly, Jane found that this experience has made her more appreciative of her own home and taught her to look at things from a more insightful perspective. “Seeing the couples’ excitement about what a home could become and mean reminded me to be less irritated by toys out of place or messes I stumble upon,” the designer tells House Beautiful. “Instead, I should be grateful to have a home that keeps my family safe and happy, and that I’m proud to own.”

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