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Reddit Is Obsessed With These Home Upgrade Hacks Because They Work So Well


Reddit can be a great source of information — if you know where to look. My personal favorite communities are full of travel tips and subscription box spoilers, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. You can find a treasure trove of tips and advice on almost any topic imaginable, including home decor, design, and organization. Case in point is this collection of home upgrades and hacks from Redditors in a variety of communities.

If you’re struggling over what to do with a certain spot in your home, or with home maintenance in general, chances are good that someone on Reddit has been there too, and has started a thread about it. Take a look at some of the web’s favorite ways to make a few adjustments or simple changes — that make a big difference.

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A Gardening Kit To Spruce Up Your Window & Provide Fresh Herbs

This gem of an idea from r/Frugal is great for gardeners who want to stay busy during winter months, those looking to develop a green thumb, and anyone who wants to have fresh herbs at the ready. This particular garden kit includes seeds, planting pots, and plant markers, and is available in herb and sunflower varieties.


A Mop That Wrings Itself & Saves You Time & Effort

According to one Redditor over in r/CleaningTips, an auto wring mop is worthy of the title “The best invention EVER!!” This mop and bucket set is well-designed, so not only does it offer hands-free wringing, but there’s also a splash guard and the mop head can fit into corners, too. It works on multiple kinds of hard floors, and a total of four washable mop heads are included, which should last for months.


This Efficient Pet Hair Remover To Clean Up After Your Furriest Friends

If you have a four-legged family member prone to shedding, you may want to take note. Another great idea from r/CleaningTips, this Chom Chom pet hair remover was described as “a godsend honestly, it works so well.” It picks up hair without tape or adhesive, collecting fur and lint via the brush system, and storing it in a compartment that you can empty at your convenience.


These Painting Stencils To Turn Your Floors Into Works Of Art…

Over on r/budgetdecor, a set of tile stencils were suggested to spruce up a dated fireplace. The Redditor who’d seen this kind of project done in person promised that it turned out well, and the enthusiastic Amazon reviewers would probably agree since many proudly shared photos of their finished projects. The set includes nine unique pieces, so let your creativity abound.


…Or, Freshen Things Up With Easy Tile Paint

Don’t forget to factor tile-friendly paint into your plans if you’re considering tile stencils as suggested on r/budgetdecor. From Rust-Oleum, this versatile matte paint works not only on ceramic (hello, new backsplash), but can be applied to other surfaces like wood, canvas, and metal. More than 30,000 reviewers gave it a 4.6-star average rating, so you’ll be in good company if you give it a try. It’s available in 15 colors and finishes.


These Faux Tile Stickers That Spruce Up A Plain Floor Or Wall

If painting your flooring or tile isn’t in the cards for you, consider these tile stickers as recommended in r/budgetdecor. “You can get tile stickers in all different patterns and colours,” one Redditor said. “Check them out they look amazing and are hard wearing.” They work with stairs, backsplashes, bathrooms, and more.


These Motion Sensor Lights To Illuminate Any Corner Of Your Home

A set of motion sensor lights were suggested on a thread in r/AskReddit as a way to “[s]ave electricity and prevent aggravation,” which is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their features. They promise up to 100 hours of run time, plus they’re adhesive, so you can apply them to nearly any surface — even the back of closets or cabinets under your sink.


These Hooks That Hang Pictures, Mirrors, & More, Without Drilling

If you’ve just moved in, put a set of wall hooks high on your list. As one commenter in an r/AskReddit thread about cheap home upgrades said, “Everything else can come in time but getting stuff on the walls seems to make it feel like home.” Be sure to consider weight limits, too — this particular set of hooks can hold up to 100 pounds so not only are they great for photos and artwork, but they can handle plants, clocks, mirrors, and more.


A Bidet Attachment For A Legit Bathroom Upgrade

With a bidet attachment, you’ll never again be at the mercy of the toilet paper supply chain. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Another great recommendation, one lucky Redditor shared, “Bought one… and I’ve never looked back.” Even better, this one is super easy to install and offers an adjustable spray nozzle and adjustable water pressure.


A Luxe Showerhead That Will Give Your Bathroom Tropical Rainfall Vibes

A new showerhead is another solid idea found in an r/AskReddit discussion on cheap home upgrades, because it can be a game changer in multiple ways. As one Redditor put it, “New shower head if you have crappy water pressure. A shower head filter if you have hard water and itchy skin, but can’t put a water filter in (renter, cost, etc.). Both can be removed when you move out if needed.” Not to mention, you can opt for one with additional desirable features, like like this rainfall showerhead and hand shower — it boasts six different settings, including “rain massage.”


A Pair Of Blackout Curtains That Do Way More Than Block Sunlight

Some of us (ahem) swear by blackout curtains, so it’s no wonder they appeared as a Reddit-approved recommendation. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, this best-selling pair of blackout curtains blocks sunlight and UV rays, reduces noise, and also provides insulation that helps with temperature control (and potentially energy bills, too).


A Surge Protector With USB Ports To Make The Most Of Your Outlet

Tired of switching cords and plugs around? At least one commenter understands your pain. As a home upgrade, they suggested,“USB power outlets that you can plug chargers into in key locations throughout your house.” This USB wall charger, for example, offers five outlets and four USB ports (including one USB C outlet), making it so easy for you to charge a device, and keep other nearby necessities plugged in, all at the same time, too.


This Sleek Trio Of Floating Shelves That Are Equal Parts Form & Function

“[Y]ou can never have enough shelves,” one Redditor shared. “They attach to virtually any wall and [are] a relatively easy DIY project.” These floating U-shelves, for example, are cute and practical. They come in nine different colors, plus all necessary hardware for installation is included.


These Color-Changing Lightbulbs That Allow You To Set All The Moods

“If you’re a DIYer then invest in some remote/app controlled lights. Really nice,” said one Redditor in r/AskReddit. For roughly the cost of a lunch entree or a few coffees, these color changing light bulbs with a remote can bring so much life to your space. You can set them to a timer, use them to control energy consumption, enjoy them as a nightlight, and more.


A WiFi Extender For Improved Connectivity In & Around Your Home

Whether you want to connect more devices or expand the range of your WiFi, a WiFi extender, as suggested in r/AskReddit, will do the trick. It subtly plugs into your outlet of choice and depending on your model, gives you the ability to connect up to 20-25 devices, and cover up to 1200-1500 square feet. Plus, it takes just minutes to set up.


A Cordless Vacuum That’s Lightweight & Efficient

About cordless vacuums, one cleaning-enthusiast Redditor says, “[they’re e]asier to push around your home and carry up stairs (if applicable), so it’s actually kinda fun to use. In my experience, if the vacuum isn’t a total PITA to use, I’m more likely to use it, and my space stays cleaner and comfier as a result.” I feel understood. This cordless vacuum cleaner checks all the boxes: it’s lightweight, offers two speeds, and carries a battery that promises up to 35 minutes of runtime.


A Charger So You’re Never Scrambling For AA Or AAA Batteries

We all have experienced the struggle of buying something new and discovering that batteries are not included. Or worse, when batteries run out when we’re in the middle of using something. Keeping a battery charger and rechargeable batteries on hand saves such a tragedy from ever happening. Shout-out to the Redditor who made this suggestion, the real MVP.


An Easy Set Of Outdoor Lights That Line Your Walkway, Balcony, Or Yard

If you have an outdoor space, how long has it been since you’ve considered the lighting? As one Redditor in r/AskReddit said, upgrading theirs “Made a huge difference for ou[r] wheelchair ramp and food deliveries.” Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be an expensive or invasive project. These solar garden lights can do the trick. They stake right into the ground so installation is a cinch. Plus, since they’re sun-powered, they don’t affect your energy bill either.


An Organizer That’s Made For Some Of Your Bulkiest Kitchenware

Yes, a pan organizer rack is a very specific upgrade, but if you’ve ever had to rattle around a bunch of cookware to reach one specific pot or pan, then you know it’s a good one. Keeping them organized with pan rack saves you time and frustration. As one Redditor put it, “[It] clears cupboard space and no more battling getting them and the lids out of a cupboard or drawer.” What more could you ask for? This particular choice comes in seven colors, and can be used either horizontally or vertically.


A Lamp Dimmer To Set The Mood Lighting Of Your Dreams

Did you know you could add a light dimmer to your home without calling in an electrician? At least one Redditor does, and did us all a solid by recommending light dimmers as an easy home upgrade. Consider a plug-in dimmer like this one, which can be used with table or floor lamps. You’ll likely find yourself using it constantly — while setting the mood, winding down at night, and slowly easing your way into the day.


These Drill Brush Attachments For Super Efficient Cleaning & Scrubbing

After a drill brush of a certain brand was shared on r/lifehacks, another commenter chimed in to share how much of a game-changer they really are. “The brush on the drill also works for getting dog hair out of the carpet of your car. I found this out after paying someone $150 to clean my car.” Plus, this set of drill brush attachments is super versatile, with uses around the kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, and more.


An Insert For Your Couch Or Chair That Refreshes Its Shape & Support

The next time you find yourself thinking about a new couch or chair, you might want to consider this less expensive option first. As one Redditor put it, “You may not have comfortable chairs or money for those yet, but can you add new foam to the bottom of the cushion to bring a chair back to life?” If so, a cushion support is a great way to update your furniture without replacing the entire piece. It’s super easy to use, and can be installed in seconds.


This Cleaner That Will Have Your Bakeware & Appliances Looking Like New

Stains stuck on your glass bakeware? Once again, r/CleaningTips has you covered. One knowledgeable Redditor said, “Try yellow cap EasyOff. Just spray it (Follow [its] instructions for safety) and wipe it off.” And even better, since the cleaner is originally formulated to tackle cooked-on grease on surfaces like appliances and stainless steel, it’s useful beyond just those dishware stains.


These Hanging Shelves You Can Use In Windows

As one Redditor explains over in r/Frugal, sometimes it’s about making the best use of the space you have instead of going with big or dramatic changes. For example, “If you like plants in a space, you can say, ‘[O]kay, I want plants, but don’t want items on the counter tops, so they are going to hang from the windows.’” Consider something like these hanging floating shelves, which literally create space out of thin air. There are two styles to choose from, and each comes in two colors.


A Wall Clock That’s Equal Parts Form & Function

A sleek and subtle wall clock is a great way to add interest to a space without spending too much or being too extra. Over on an r/AskReddit thread it checked all the boxes of being a relatively cheap but still effective upgrade to a home. This particular choice is contemporary and clean, with a variety of colors available to choose from — plus, buyers love that it runs silently so you won’t hear it ticking.


A Vinyl Wrap So You Can Refresh So Many Surfaces

Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in home decor is versatile vinyl paper that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. One user in r/Frugal explains, “you can go on Amazon and get a vinyl wrap of basically anything … from wood to marble or whatever. It’s basically fake wood and fake marble and just put it over whatever you’re [w]rapping.” This wood-patterned option comes in a variety of sizes, and it’s both self-adhesive and removable.


This Soft Faux Rug That Adds Texture & Comfort To Any Room

Over in r/Decor, a textured rug was suggested for a bare, plain corner. As one Redditor put it, “A rug with good texture will ground [it].” But even better, it’s a versatile and adjustable piece you can move from room to room as you see fit, too. This faux sheepskin rug comes in multiples shapes and sizes, along with nearly 20 colors to choose from, including brights, pastels, and neutrals.


These Twinkle Lights That Will Brighten Up Any Space

If you have a fireplace you’re not sure how to use, consider this advice from r/Decor: “Put some birch logs in [the fireplace] and wrap twinkle lights around them.” It’s quick and easy, and if you opt for a set of fairy lights with a remote, you can turn them on with the press of a button. You can also set them on a timer, and there are multicolor, warm white, and cool white options.


A Hanging Armrest Organizer To Tidy Your Living Room In Style

A useful piece like a sofa arm caddy is great for helping you declutter without taking up too much precious real estate. As a helpful Redditor from r/InteriorDesign reminds us, “If you live in a small space it tends to get very messy very fast if your stuff doesn’t have a proper place. Get something to put those remote controls in, like a one of those bags you hang over the sofa armrest.” For example, this super cute macrame version adds a bit of style while holding your books, glasses, devices, and more.


A Handy Ottoman With A Built-In Tray & Storage Space

Another great idea for a smaller space is a piece or pieces that serve more than one purpose. Case in point is this storage ottoman that’ll help with the all-important task of decluttering, per r/InteriorDesign. It’s a versatile 13 inches tall, and comes in blue or grey. The best part? The reversible lid doubles as a tray.


A Shoe Organizer That Slides Under The Bed For Easy & Efficient Decluttering

In case there were any questions, a Redditor in r/InteriorDesign spells it out, “just because it bears repeating, decluttering.” A tool like this underbed shoe organizer can be a game changer, with room for up to 12 pairs of adult shoes. The dual handles allow you to pull it out from the side or foot of the bed, plus a window top allows you to see contents while still keeping them protected.


These Photo Frames That Will Help You Create Your Perfect Gallery Wall

What about when you move into a new space and are looking to make it your own? “You need some wall art,” according to a Redditor in r/malelivingspace. A set of frames like this one is a great way to get started on creating the gallery wall of your dreams, allowing you to focus on the actual photos or artwork instead of finding matching frames. It comes with seven frames in a mix of three different sizes, plus there are four colors to choose from.


These Sheer Curtains That Provide An Easy, Breezy Improvement To Your Window

While blackout drapes have their place and their purpose, sometimes you want something a little softer in your space. If you frequent r/HomeDecorating, you may have seen this suggestion: “Put lighter curtains in to brighten up the room.” These sheer curtains, for example, come in light and airy colors and are gauzy enough to still allow daylight to peek through. Choose from 12 different colors, and 10 different sizes.


A Sofa Slip Cover To Rejuvenate Your Favorite Seats

Maybe you have a beloved couch or love seat that’s grown a little dated but that’s otherwise in good shape. If that’s the case, consider popping a sleek and stretchy slipcover on it, as recommended over in r/HomeDecorating. It’s a great way to refresh existing pieces. As a bonus feature, a slipcover also protects furniture, ultimately extending the life of it. This choice comes in four sizes and in a rainbow of 23 colors.


An Accent Wall Decal For A Low Effort Update With Big Impact

If you’ve peeked into the recesses of r/HomeDecorating, you’ll come across the idea that an accent wall can be a great way to spruce up a space. Turns out, there’s lots of ways to create an accent wall effect without the full commitment of paint or permanent wallpaper, like this arch wall decal. It’s available in four earth tone colors.


A Simple & Sophisticated Runner Rug To Elevate Your Flooring

If you have floors that you want to protect for the long haul, r/malelivingspace has a suggestion for you. “Put a runner…so that you don’t destroy your beautiful floor.” A simple and sweet runner rug is a great way to add a pop of texture and color, but they serve that protective purpose, too. This chic style comes in a variety of colors and shapes, so be warned — you may find yourself picturing multiple versions in different parts of your home.


This Handy Robot Vacuum To Do Some Of Your Heavy Lifting

By now, you’re probably familiar with robot vacuums. But if you’ve held off on buying one, you may want to reconsider. They make it super easy to keep your floors tidy and clean, and as one Redditor in r/malelivingspace says, “all those little crum bums are gone.” Can’t argue with that.


An Elegant & Versatile Storage Basket To Camouflage Your Cords

Look around — can you see any cords from your current vantage point? If so, consider this advice from r/interiordecorating: “Get a weaved basket or hamper type thing. Then you can cut a small hole in the bottom to have the cords go in and then another for the exit cords.” It’s a super simple & chic way to keep your unruly cables and wires at bay. Consider this woven storage basket, which comes in three styles and in two sizes.


A Soft & Snuggly Throw Blanket For Added Color & Comfort

To spruce up a living room, bedroom, or even home office, consider this advice from r/interiordecorating — “add a cozy, patterned throw.” Yep, it’s that simple. A blanket not only adds a pop of color and texture, but it’s instant added comfort, too. This sherpa throw is a great choice since it’s reversible, and it comes in seven colors.


A Classically Chic Round Mirror That Works In Any Room

A Redditor in r/interiordecorating/ offers this tip: “A rule of thumb is to have artwork (a mirror qualifies) about 6″ above the piece of furniture to create a cohesive look.” Give it a try with this round mirror, which comes in two sizes and two colors. The included hanging rope makes it easy to install on your wall of choice, too.


This Two-Tiered Basket Organizer For Making Use Of Awkward Spaces

A query in r/interiordecorating about those awkward spaces below the sink led to this brilliant suggestion: a sliding basket organizer. The two-tiered drawer system is a great way to create space and create calm in otherwise chaotic areas. If you opt not to use it under your sink, it can also be a great addition in a pantry or office, too.


This Kitchen Organizer That Corrals Your Big Baking Sheets & Pans

Inspired by a find in r/interiordecorating, tight kitchen cabinet space can be optimized with a baking sheet holder. Your pans and tins will go from a cluttered mess to a neat and tidy display you’ll be tempted to show every guest that comes over (or is that just me?). Made of alloy steel, it has five slots you can fill with pans, lids, baking sheets, muffin tins, and more.


An Ultra-Convenient Lazy Susan For Sleek Storage

“Two words: Lazy Susan,” said a Redditor in r/interiordecorating, when asked about that awkward under-sink area. This useful tool not only gives you an extra layer of storage, but the rotating design ensures that nothing is ever out of reach or out of view. Single-tier designs are available, too.


These Hanging Pendant Lights That Are Stylish & Sophisticated

Over in r/interiordecorating, a pendant light was suggested as a way to light a corner feature in a room, but ultimately, they make an elegant statement in any spot you choose. This geometric light also boasts an adjustable cord, so you can customize how low (or high) it hangs.


An All-Purpose Tray That’s Part Decor & Part Storage

You can’t go wrong with a nice catch-all tray, according to r/interiordecorating/. This synthetic leather version is perfect for keys, phones, wallets, and other small essentials. It’s offered in five versatile colors, and looks great by the front door, on a nightstand or dresser, or in that corner of the kitchen where loose items always seem to land. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.


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