April 22, 2024


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PHOTO: Kailyn Lowry Faces Backlash Over Home Build Decision

Kailyn Lowry


“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry faced backlash after sharing a feature in her new home.

“Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry faced backlash after sharing a new feature in her home build. The MTV personality has been documenting the process, and posted photos of the tile in her home. It’s white with asymmetrical black lines.

“You’ll either love it or hate it,” Lowry wrote. “There’s no in between.”

Plenty of fans had something to say. While a thread on Reddit about the tile garnered a few dozen upvotes, the comments section was ablaze with over 500 responses.

“Oh my God why would anyone pick this let alone make it???” one person wrote.

“Incredibly ugly,” said a commenter. “I mean just really s***. Absolute. What’s the inspiration? ‘I want tile that looks like that one van halen album but also f***** up old paint on warped wooden deck boards.”

“Absolutely hate it,” another fan said. “I hate the interior style of her new home. And her designer is not very good and has terrible taste.”

Not everyone hated the design. There were some people who liked the new feature. “I like the cracked marble look. It’s only halfway done and not sure what the rest of the room will look like,” they said. “But I don’t hate this.”

Lowry’s Dogs Will Have Their Own Room

Lowry, 29, revealed via Instagram that her dogs were going to have their own room in her new home, according to The Sun. She’s also going to have an area for a doggy bath and automatic door.

Lowry was inspired to give her dogs their own room from when she lived with ex-husband Javi Marroquin. At the time, the stars cleaned up the space under the stairs and put up a gate so they didn’t have to use crates.

“My very first house underneath the stairs, Javi and I had put the dog area. We tiled it and put a gate up,” Lowry said, per The Sun.  “And instead of using dog crates, that’s where we put the dogs.”

Lowry Also ‘Hates’ Her Home Build

While some “Teen Mom” viewers said they hated the tile Lowry chose for her home, the mother-of-four admitted that she loathed the construction process.

“I thought that I was going to absolutely love building a house,” she confessed in August 2021. “I thought it was going to be so much fun… thought I was never going to want to stop but I realized that I don’t know that this house is going to wind up being the house that I want to stay in.”

Lowry admitted that she might sell the home she is currently building, even though she had planned to stay in it longterm when she started the journey.

“This process and going through all of it is so different than what I anticipated it being,” she said. “I, in the foreseeable future, see myself selling this one and building another home because now I know what to expect and what measurements I want, and things like that.”

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