Interior Designers speak about the qualities of luxury villas!

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Luxury is something that we all crave for and look towards (unless we oath to be some hermit). And although the idea of luxury remains the same, its definition keeps on changing. The luxury of every decade and era holds a different idea. There are real estate services offering luxury villas, like- . The top Interior Designers in India are shaping any homes to be called as luxury homes. But what actually is this luxury? When do we call a home or a villa to be luxurious?

Luxury has been defined as a state of great living and comfort and elegance at the cost of millions and millions and more millions.

Features of Luxury Villas and Homes!

Luxury: when this word comes to mind, many of us imagine a couch made of diamonds. But know that it is not a luxury. Why? Because luxury does not compromise over functionality and practicality. There is a difference between luxury and pricey. An expensive item does not necessarily mean luxury, although luxury might indeed cost you some money.

The main focus of the luxury remains to provide the best that could be provided. For example, if you love brewing your coffee by yourself, then a coffee machine is luxury. But, then, not all the coffee machines are the same. Some coffee machines come with more control and functions. Some machines use quality material and provide you more security. This leads to more luxury. And if we look at today’s world, a coffee machine can brew you a hot cup of coffee at a fixed time in the morning. This is what we can call as a luxury in the modern world – Automation.

But then, what makes villas to be called as luxury villas Mr. Expert? Well, there are certain features that lead to it.

Here are a few features of a luxury home!

Quality Interior Designing!

Let us all talk of the best thing first! A luxury home gets shaped with a quality interior design. Interior Designing helps giving the home a personality and a soul of its own. It is the same as a human body having a personality. Consider the body to be the home and personality to be the interior design. It needs good education, proper learning, morals, behavior, and whatnot. When we talk of luxury, top interior designers in India work hard on shaping a home into a luxurious home.

Quality interior design works on several elements and try to harmonize those elements together. This helps in creating a sense of harmony. For example, they take care of Color, Light, Line, Patterns, Textures, Space, Form, etc. What the height of the couch should be? What the color of the wall behind it should be? Its upholstery? The type of lighting that will sing well? Should there be a large painting before it? What type of painting? What should the texture of rug beneath it be? And what about its color and pattern? These are a few of all those many questions that the top interior designers in India go through to shape a home.

You’ll easily be able to tell the difference between a home designed by an Interior Designer and a home designed by someone else!

Home Automation!

We had talked of it earlier that the definition of luxury keeps on changing. If we look at today’s world, luxury is having a machine or a program to help you do your things. For example, what about you enter the bedroom and the light turns on by itself? What about you monitor and handle the basic functions of your home from miles and miles away? Want the plants to get irrigated by themselves? Automatic leak detection system to help you save brutal damages? These are all the few examples of automation that modern luxury villas and homes usually have.

Private Pool!

Who would not want to dive in the water and cherish a fine summer day? But not all get to dive in the water whenever they want. It is a luxury. And this luxury is what we call private pools. A luxurious villa will generally have a private pool in it – It allows one to cherish the luxury of swimming at anytime anywhere. However, a luxury home might not have a private pool.

Personal library, gym, and garden!

Not all get to have the freedom of working out over the dumbbells in their very personal gym. We either go to a gym shared by many others, or we work out at home or park using the body weight. But a luxury villa usually has a private gym. This helps in giving privacy to the people who do not want any interference in their workout sessions.

Then there is this personal library that luxury villas have. However, not all the luxury villas have a personal library. If you want a library in your villa, you can either convey it to the architect or the real estate agent. Designing of a library usually remains the work of top Interior Designers in India.

Gardens remain the top feature of luxury villas. It allows one the freedom to create nature around them in any way they want. Do you want a plain grassland? You want to plant grapevines in your land? Is a designed flower garden what you want? You name it and you can have it. It will also have an automated irrigation system installed.

A game room!

Although not all villas have a game room, some do have special game rooms to let the members enjoy their family time. These game rooms generally have table tennis, pool table, ping pong, indoor football table, mini-golf, etc. Or you can convey your choice to the architect builder to have any other special game that you like and want to have.

High Level Security!

We all want homes to sleep peacefully at nights and play joyfully at days. But not all homes provide the security we deserve. Luxury Villas use high-class monitoring system to save you from theft and other threats. There remains an anti-theft lock and alarm system. The wireless monitoring and controlling system is what adds grace to the security. Furthermore, the quality of gates and locks used remain incredible.

Luxury inside-out!

And then there are other miscellaneous features that make one say at the very sight, “This is heaven.” Use of luxurious and quality furniture, lighting, etc remains there. Furthermore, a luxury villa generally holds spa-style bathrooms, a sauna bath system, a jacuzzi, etc. This is what makes one’s morning turn luxurious. We expect our days to go good and this gets decided by how our mornings go. What better way is there to refresh our morning than to have a quality bathroom?

These are all the basic features that decide if a villa is luxury or not. And know that there is a difference between a luxury villa and a luxury home – . So, next time you think of looking for luxury villas, be known to the things that you must seek and have.