June 13, 2024


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How To Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Home


How Different Window Treatments Hang

Alright, let’s talk about installing these babies because when it comes to window treatment ideas, it can certainly be about creating illusions. Psst… which can be done in the way your installer hangs window treatments.

Outside-Mount Treatments + Inside-Mount Treatments

An outside mount window treatment refers to where your window treatments are being mounted. In the case of outside-mount treatments, the window covering is mounted outside the window frame whereas an inside-mount treatment means just the opposite. In an inside-mount treatment, the window covering is mounted inside the window frame.

Sometimes, when a window is not very deep — an outside mount is necessary. But an outside-mount treatment isn’t a negative. 

In fact, because the window treatment is mounted outside the window we’re able to make windows appear larger than they really are which adds a bit of grandeur to the room.

An inside mount draws an emphasis to the size of the actual window and helps to showcase the craftsmanship and detail around the window frame. 

Top-Down / Bottom-Up Shades

One of the types of window treatments that we haven’t covered yet is called top-down or bottom-up. Although not all window treatment types come as top-down/bottom-up treatments, these shades can be opened and/or closed at both the top of the window frame and the bottom near the window sill. 

And they’re great to provide some level of privacy without minimizing the view or sunlight coming in.

Floor-to-Ceiling Drapery

One of our favorite things to do at Elegant Simplicity, when a space allows for it, is to play with vertical scale by adding floor-to-ceiling drapery. And that’s because they gussy up the drama of the room by both drawing the eye vertically in the space or framing a window/doorway.

Remember when we talked about window treatment ideas in your home being the jewelry to your outfit… well, this was what we were referring to *wink*

Taking the window covering all the way to the floor avoids chopping the room at the waist — because you want visual flow where the whole house feels cohesive + we’re gonna give it to ya, sister!

Combination Window Treatments

Another excellent way to add a bit of depth to your home is to use a combination of two different types of window treatments. And the way we do this is for one window treatment to serve as a functional aspect in the room, let’s say temperature regulation while another, let’s say window drapery serves an aesthetic purpose on the same window.

Another example is for maximum control over several factors such as light, temperature, and privacy, we could layer both blackout curtains as well as Venetian blinds. Not only does this give you everything you need, but let’s be honest… It also looks like a dream! 

That’s my rift for today, thanks for tuning in 🙂

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