April 20, 2024


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An Interior designer shares 10 things she would never have in her own living room


A white and orange living room with bare floors, white sofa, and TV stand

Some design options can deliver down the search of your living place.robinimages2013/Shutterstock

There are an array of property-decor objects you can pick out from to spruce up your living room, so it truly is crucial to know which models to avoid.

Insider questioned interior designer and owner of Design Solutions Luciana Fragali about the issues she’d in no way have in her residing space.

You won’t discover frameless posters and art taped to her walls

Fragali explained she avoids taping unframed art to her partitions because your living area should not scream “higher education dorm area.”

For an additional degree of sophistication, get frames for your pieces.

The designer won’t preserve her floors bare 

A living room with a white sofa, coffee table, TV, and bare hardwood floors

Bare floors can glance basic.adpePhoto/Shutterstock

In accordance to Fragali, bare or untreated flooring are a missed design and style prospect that can be potentially detrimental to your hardwood.

“A rug changes the focal position of a space and provides a visible divider that makes a space experience cozier and more cozy,” she told Insider, incorporating that rugs can also make a room seem much more cohesive.

Futons usually are not the finest seating option 

Fragali mentioned she avoids futons in her residing space.

For yet another room-mindful option, she proposed accent chairs or ottomans.

Plastic fruit will not up grade your coffee table 

Plastic yellow pears in a silver fruit bowl

Plastic yellow pears in a silver fruit bowl

Fake fruit might just make your attendees hungry for the authentic issue.BGP Cell/Shutterstock

Plastic fruit provides tiny to your residence decor.

“You are unable to eat them, and instead of serving as eye candy, it will only make your attendees hungry for the real things,” Fragali spelled out.

She instead recommended placing out a serving platter with an array of smaller decor merchandise.

She avoids neon bar lights in her living room

The designer mentioned these vibrant symptoms are perfect for a bar but not your living room.

She prompt hoping an aesthetic ground lamp or overhead accent pieces to give your area the right form of lights remedy.

Vertical blinds are neither aesthetically pleasing nor productive

Corner of home with white vertical blinds, chair, table, and stairs

Vertical blinds usually are not good at maximizing gentle.Linda Maria Images/Shutterstock

Vertical blinds are a collection of thin slats hung in entrance of a window that can be turned and condensed to enable in gentle, but Fragali claims they are not value the appear.

“I personally under no circumstances understood these,” she advised Insider. “Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, but they are unsuccessful to maximize light-weight to brighten up the living room.”

She advisable attempting sheer blinds as a substitute.

Taxidermied animals can glimpse a bit out-of-date

Instead of getting up wall area with the huge head of a deer, decide for a mirror instead.

“They not only seem good, but also increase the house and make more lights,” Fragali defined.

The designer will not cling weapons up

Fragali recommended keeping your weapons away, primarily as decor.

In its place, she prompt opting for sculptural pieces to make a statement.

Vacant bookshelves could give your visitors the wrong impact

Living room with sofa, art, and clean wooden bookshelf

A bare bookshelf could make you appear to be uninspired.Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Fragali said staging bookshelves is numerous interior designers’ “cup of tea,” so you’ll in no way uncover an empty 1 in her living room.

She additional that a bare bookshelf may perhaps send the mistaken concept to company and indicate that you are uninspired.

You will not likely locate any word decals on her partitions

In accordance to Fragali, wall decals can deliver down the search of your house.

“If I see the terms ‘live, snicker, love’ on one more wall, I could get rid of it as a designer,” she claimed.

She alternatively advisable livening up your space with pop artwork or conceptual items.

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