July 21, 2024


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Woman transforms ordinary looking home into incredible 1940s replica with time-warp interior

Woman transforms ordinary looking home into incredible 1940s replica with time-warp interior

A woman has transformed her home into an incredible “time capsule” that feels like you’re stepping back into the 1940s.

Hannah Hall bought a 1920s-era home in Nottingham with her mum and began fitting out the interior with a decor from roof trusses another era, such as patterned wallpaper, old appliances and vintage furniture.

The kitchen includes black and white tiled flooring, a whistle kettle, exposed wooden beams and an open pantry, and elsewhere there’s a working rotary phone and a stunning oak wardrobe.

‘Vintage-obsessed’ Hannah originally bought a working 1940s gas cooker on eBay and has slowly given the home a makeover to match the theme, saying her interest in the wartime period was sparked when her grandparents introduced her to the fashion, film and TV of the time.

Hannah Hall
Hannah lives in the incredible house with her mum
(Image: Mercury Press & Media Ltd)
A bathroom
It’s filled with items from decades ago
(Image: Mercury Press & Media Ltd)

Her grandparents gave her some of the furniture which now features in the home, and Hannah says – despite owning a TV – she plans to continue to strip back the home instead of turning to modern technology.

Hannah said: “I’ve always been interested in vintage things and I get told that I’m an old head on young shoulders.

“When me and my mum moved into the house, it was totally different to what it is now and we wanted to unearth its potential.

“It’s my mum’s first buy because she’s always rented homes, so I wanted to make it extra special. The theme really started to take off when we did the kitchen in a 1940s style and we loved it so much that we decided we really wanted to go with that theme throughout the house.

The staircase
Hannah’s grandparents introduced her to wartime era fashion and decor

“The kitchen’s finishing touch was the beautiful 1940s gas cooker – it works an absolute dream and has inspired us to live a little simpler.

“The house is kind of like an ode to my grandpa, who was born in 1936. He was a significant part of my life and really got me interested in the 40s era as a kid – I was enamoured by his droplets of wisdom.

“My nan’s taste in vintage and eccentric fashion has also inspired me to dress quirky.

“I feel like my home is an adoption centre for vintage things. I absolutely love it but I know it’s not to everyone’s taste because it’s a massive niche.

The bedroom
Hannah shares videos of the quirky home on TikTok
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“After the kitchen was redone, we went a bit mad and just started collecting different items such as a 40-year-old tin opener, vintage wallpaper and old paintings.

“The gas cooker in the kitchen definitely comes in handy if the electricity goes out on our street because we’re still able to cook dinner.

“It’s not what you expect when you come in and every single room has vintage touches.

“Our family thinks the house is really quirky and is like a little time capsule. Everyone loves coming over and kicking it a little old school for a bit.”

Hannah says the home is an ode to her grandfather

Hannah says when they bought the home from an old family friend “everywhere was rather beige” and needed an overhaul having lost its charm.

The renovation work uncovered the original floorboards and staircase, which “bought it back to life a bit”.

While continuing to add to her 1940s home, Hannah posts videos of the project on her @Realvintagedollshouse TikTok account, saying: “Vintage items have a bit more soul than modern things and I get a kick out of finding something that might have so much story behind it.

“I’m a big believer that we should honour the past and I don’t think younger people these days necessarily appreciate how different things used to be.

“Reminding people that it wasn’t always like this hopefully helps them appreciate how far we’ve come.

“We’re still working on the house every day and we’re hoping to get a 1940s-style front door and also transform the back garden, using my grandpa’s old Raleigh bike as a flower feature.”

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