June 13, 2024


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What to Do When Termites Re-Infest Your Home?

When Is It Too Late to Treat a Termite Infestation? | MightyMite Termite

Termites are quite house trespassers, ready to make huge harmful properties. They can likewise be the justification for allergies and other serious infections. Termites are little, social, persevering bugs that make long passages through the wooden house development and different pieces of a structure. Biting their direction through the wood, they can make extreme harm and cerebral pains to property holders around the world.

A study that happened from 1996-8 by the CSIRO showed changing frequency of termite infestation measurements of houses all through Queensland. The review saw all periods of houses.

There was an immediate connection between’s the age of the house and the probability of termites pervading it. To normalize the outcomes, the mean house age was set at thirty years albeit as of late built houses were likewise found with termite infestations. 

Contingent upon the area of the house in Queensland, the probability of termites plaguing it was from 10% – 40%. In the Brisbane region, the probability fell into the 20% – 30% territory. So if you live in Brisbane, you must be prepared to face them once in your lifetime.

Not only that, termites are most likely to return to a home that has been infested before. So, you better ensure to protect your home even after termite treatment.

How Can You Prevent Re-Infestation?

There are multiple manners by which you can keep termites from returning. To begin with, you can eliminate soil-to-wood contact around your home. Then, at that point, ensure you dispose of all sources of excess dampness around your home. During amassing season, keep outside lights off around evening time.

In case you want outside lighting, migrate lights to recessed spaces of the home and away from entryways and windows, as the light draws in termites. To be fair, these will not prevent termite re-infestation for sure, however, it does help. These tricks address little things that homeowners can do routinely.

Solution: To ensure that your home is completely free of termite years after termite treatment, you need to keep in touch with a professional. There are many agencies that offer free follow-up inspections to their clients. By contacting such agencies you can get a thorough inspection free of cost.

To find such agencies, look up “termites treatment near me” or affordable termites treatment near me” or add a location like “termites treatment brisbane” to find a local expert. This way you can make sure to stay in contact with a professional and get help when things go wrong.

Early Warning Signs of Re-Infestation

The way to forestall re-infestation is to be proactive. By keeping set up, a termite assurance plan, and checking your home occasionally for termite damage, you can recognize a likely issue before it turns into an ongoing issue. Know about the most widely recognized indications of termite movement:

Normal termite infestation signs

Despite the fact that termites are not in every case simple to identify, there are a couple of sure indications of a termite infestation.

  • Mud Tunnels

Termites make tube-like passages made of mud to get moisture while they travel all around looking for food. These mud tunnels are normally seen on the exterior of the house (dividers, substantial pieces, and brickwork). The passages are regularly flimsy as a pen, yet they can get thicker assuming the infestation isn’t forestalled on schedule.

  • Harmed wood

When you notice wood damage or hear weird sounding wooden objects when being thumped on, call the termite control experts right then. Since wooden lodges, floors, entryways, and windows are the significant food hotspot for termites, any openings and breaks are obvious termite infestation pointers.

  • Frass

This is one more certain indication of termite presence in your home. Frass is actually termite feces that can be generally spotted on floors, close to windows, or essentially anyplace in your home.

  • Broken paint on wooden surface

Broken paint close to window edges, vents, and roof siding is an indication that termites might have tracked down their safe house in your comfortable home. To recognize a termite infestation, you ought to likewise consider checking for breaks on your home outside and establishment.

On the off chance that you’ve had termites previously, you may know what these signs resemble, or where the infestation preceded. Check the spaces where you have recently seen termites and guarantee termites have not gotten back to a similar spot. Tragically, if you have seen any of the above-referred signs, a swarm is currently present. In any case, if you have seen the above signs early, you should now call the nearest pest control agency right away.

Just by browsing “termite treatment companies near me” or searching locally by entering your location’s name like “termites treatment brisbane”, you’ll find a local agency. Do make sure to not move furniture around your home before the experts arrive at it might spread the infestation.


How much is pest control for termites?

The cost of termite pest control completely depends on the agency and the type of treatment they offer to their particular clients. But the average cost starts from $200 to $900.

What is the most effective termite control?

The most effective termite control treatment is heat therapy.

How do I permanently control termites?

Once you got the termite pest control treatment done in your house, you should build a solid barrier to separate your home base from the soil. Because termites travel through soil, they won’t be able to enter your home.

Can I spray for termites myself?

You can most definitely spray termite yourself but there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to kill them all by that.

How do I get rid of termites in my house?

The only way you can do that efficiently and permanently is by calling a professional termite exterminator.