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Top Seasonal Scents ~ Fresh Design Blog

Top Seasonal Scents ~ Fresh Design Blog


[AD] Fresh summer home fragrances will lift the mood in your home and evoke a sense of summer, even if the weather outside isn’t playing ball!

Here at Fresh Design Blog we’re big fans of home fragrances and especially their ability to change the mood and atmosphere in a room. If you’ve still got the dregs of your autumn spiced pumpkin or warming winter cinnamon candles out, now that we’re heading into summer, it’s time to refresh your home fragrances for new seasonal scents. To help inspire you, we’ve selected some of the top seasonal room scents for summer.

Ocean inspired fresh summer home fragrances

Top Seasonal Scents ~ Fresh Design BlogTop ocean fresh summer home fragrances Ocean waves room spray is a fresh home summer fragrances

If you want to feel like you’re on holiday, or beside the sea, there are lots of gorgeous ocean inspired fresh summer home fragrances that can help evoke the feeling of being by the ocean.

Ocean inspired scents are typically fresh, light and uplifting. They’re very easy going scents to have in your home and work well in many rooms, as they don’t tend to be overpowering. Some ocean themed scented products have citrus notes, that evoke a Mediterranean beach, coconut that can transport you to an exotic beach location or sea salt that represents the salty ocean spray.

Lots of popular brands have candles, wax melts and reed diffusers with ocean inspired fragrances. Try the Yankee Candle Beach Walk jar candle, which has a fresh clean fragrance and notes of ozone and sea salt or the DW Home Calming Waves hand poured candle which has an interesting blend of musk, orange, cedar and clementine for a clean and woody scent.

If it’s not practical to burn candles in your home, try a room fragrance spray instead. Bath & Body Works do a lovely Blue Ocean Waves room spray which is convenient to use and smells divine.

Fruity fresh summer home fragrances

Fruity and fresh summer home fragrancesPapaya fresh summer home fragrances This watermelon candle is one of the top fresh home summer fragrances

For many people, thinking of summer home fragrances conjures up fresh, fruity scents. For example, the scent of juicy strawberries, zesty lemon or lime, freshly picked raspberries or cool and refreshing watermelon.

Thankfully plenty of candle manufacturers and home fragrance creators agree that fruity scents are popular and there are a huge range of options available. For the ultimate strawberry home fragrance, try the Strawberry Pound Cake candle, which is brimming with notes of sweet and fruity strawberries and a dash of whipped cream.

For a sweet and fruity scent, try the Island Papaya candle, which has notes of papaya, sugarcane and coconut. If you prefer a lighter scent, the Watermelon Lemonade candle has a light and fruity scent, plus notes of lemon, and is a refreshing summer fragrance.

Floral summer home fragrances

This peony room spray is one of the best fresh summer home fragrancesGorgeous floral tuberose and jasmine home fragranceThe scent of freshly cut roses is one of the best fresh home summer fragrances

During the summer, there are lots of gorgeous flowers in bloom, many of which have glorious scents. If you haven’t got a garden to go out and enjoy, you can bring the scents of flowers and nature into your home through well chosen home fragrance products.

Aromatherapy essential oils are one of the most concentrated natural scents available. You only need a few drops at a time, added to a drop of water in an oil burner or added to warm bath, so they’re good value for money and a bottle lasts a while. Good examples of floral scented aromatherapy oils include rose, lavender and geranium.

Peonies are one of my favourite summer flowers and the fragrance has been adeptly captured in DW Home’s Peony Petals room spray.

A single spray of the Cereria Molla Tuberose and Jasmine room spray will fill your home with the exotic scent of jasmine and tuberose, or for a pure classic rose scent, Fresh Cut Roses from Yankee Candle is perfect.

Other fresh summer home fragrances

Best fresh summer home fragrancesBest fresh summer home fragrances to scent a roomBest fresh summer home fragrance choices

There are some fragrances that have specially blended to evoke a summer atmosphere.

The Perfect Summer candle comes with uplifting yellow packaging, reminiscent of the sun, and has a mix of floral, citrus and sweet notes.

Admittedly it does rain during the summer and Ashleigh and Burwood have captured the fresh scent of summer rain in a fragrance oil. This freshly scented oil has distinctive notes of white flowers, grass, dewdrops and water.

The Milkhouse Candle Co have also taken inspiration from summer weather with their Summer Storm candle. This one has a summer herbal scent, that’s clean and airy, but with earthy notes to it, and it comes in cute milkbottle shaped jars.

What’s your favourite summer scent? Tell us in the comments below.

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