December 1, 2023


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Ticks in the house and garden? How to eliminate them with natural remedies

Maintaining and taking care of your garden in the best possible way also means implementing correct prevention against ticks, which represent a problem not only during the summer (when it is certainly more pronounced) but throughout the year.

It is clear, in fact, that in the hottest months these annoying insects risk infesting all those dogs and cats that are not adequately protected, but from October onwards, when the heat is no longer torrid but the temperatures remain mild, even the home is at risk.

If ticks are already present in the house, it is obvious that the most appropriate solution would be a special disinfestation intervention, but don’t you think that prevention is much better? For this purpose, it is possible to use some natural remedies that we are going to list in this article. Since these insects multiply very quickly, try to intervene as soon as possible to limit or prevent the problem.

So let’s see together how to eliminate ticks from the garden in a natural way.

Ticks: how to prevent them?

To get rid of the problem permanently, it is good to avoid its occurrence. Therefore, it is certainly useful and appropriate to implement some small precautions.

To begin with, if this has already happened to you, you will know very well which areas of the house where ticks usually nest, or if you don’t know, learn to understand it by studying your environments: those are the points where you need to focus more during daily cleaning, to prevent the infestation from spreading from those places.

Usually, in the presence of pets such as cats and dogs, ticks tend to hide in their litter boxes and kennels, or directly on your furry friends. The first thing to check, therefore, is that the latter do not have ticks, subjecting them to an anti-parasite treatment if necessary. Do it anyway, to prevent them from infecting your dog or cat in the first place, as they are the first to carry these types of insects into the house. In fact, it would be useless to disinfect the environment without first having solved the problem on the animal.

Going back to the places where ticks are more likely to hide, sofas, carpets and outdoor spaces in the house are also at risk. So keep everything clean, and as for the fabrics, we recommend a 50-degree wash that will kill any fleas.

Natural remedies for ticks

For lovers of natural remedies, we suggest some effective methods to keep ticks away.

For outdoor environments, such as terraces and gardens, Neem oil is very useful, the smell of which acts as a tick repellent. Furthermore, lotions containing mint, lemongrass and geranium are perfect.

But there are also remedies that remove ticks and parasites from our four-legged friends in a completely natural way: one of these consists of dipping a cloth in apple cider vinegar and passing it on the animal’s coat. If you bathe your dog alone, it is also okay to add a few drops of vinegar to the water used at the time of washing, rubbing the dog carefully, especially on the areas most often affected by ticks (ears, neck, paws).

Do-it-yourself pest control and prevention

Howe ver, if we want to try a do-it-yourself disinfestation, we recommend that you have a bucket, bleach, disinfectant or hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to mix warm water with bleach and disinfectant (or hydrogen peroxide), and then proceed with this mixture as if you were proceeding to a wash.

As for the grass, it must be said that it is always a good idea to keep it low, so it is advisable to proceed with the usual cut and then spread the anti-tick product, remembering that, since these are products that can be harmful, it is advisable to have an appropriate clothing and appropriate protections to avoid coming into contact with them. We must remember that ticks tend to prefer spaces with tall and overgrown grasses, so make sure you have a lawn that is always well kept.

We also remind you that if you have pets you must, first of all, provide for their treatment: this is to ensure their health, and to prevent them from being the vehicle of tick contagion, entering and leaving the house. Therefore, only after having treated our animals, we can think about disinfecting the environment from these annoying guests, bearing in mind that we must take care in particular of the areas where birds most often settle. And let’s not forget that, if there are ticks in the garden, it is possible that they can also be found inside our homes, so it is good to take the necessary measures, bearing in mind that they love to hole up on carpets and sofas, which therefore will go treated appropriately.

 Only with the right prevention will we be able to avoid seeing these unpleasant pets again, so even if we have not had problems with infestations, we will prevent it from happening in the future: our health and that of our pets can be at risk, be careful!

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