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This Video Reveals What the Real “Home Alone” Interiors Looks Like

This Video Reveals What the Real “Home Alone” Interiors Looks Like

Three decades after it premiered, Home Alone remains a beloved classic Christmas movie. Since the film used exterior shots of an actual colonial redbrick Georgian in Illinois, fans can actually visit the of the home that Kevin McCallister protected from burglars after his family accidentally left him behind. But if you’ve ever wondered what the interior of the real residence at 671 Lincoln Ave. looks like, the video below takes you inside the iconic home.

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When the home hit the market in 2011, realtor Marissa Hopkins uploaded a video tour of it, showing the inside of the home and short interviews with John and Cynthia Abendshien, the owners at the time. After hesitating to touch the door knob a the start of the video in a cheeky nod to one of Kevin McCallister’s traps, Hopkins smiles and says, “It’s okay; they’re expecting us.” She then shows a montage of images of the inside of the home.

living room with piano

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While most of the movie’s interior shots were filmed in a set built inside of a high school gym, shots of the living room and the grand staircase of the actual home were featured in the film, Vanity Fair reports. Outside, the team built an outdoor stairway to the basement—the one that Marv, played by Daniel Stern, slips down in the film. They also erected the treehouse and installed a zip line.

grand staircase

Marissa HopkinsYouTube

The team also tweaked the home’s interior, hanging up new wallpaper, according to Vanity Fair. Unfortunately, the staircase in the foyer wasn’t suitable for sledding—”so they built a ramp over our staircase,” Cynthia says in the video. Kevin used that ramp to sled down the stairs and right out the front door.

If you’ve watched the movie for the millionth time and want a more immersive experience of the McCallister home, there’s a Home Alone-themed Airbnb in Dallas, complete with the traps that Kevin used to protect his home.

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