June 13, 2024


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This New 328-Foot Gigayacht Concept Has an Interior Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Flick

Gresham wants you to boldly go where no man has gone before—inside its bonkers new explorer yacht. That’s because the shipyard’s latest futuristic concept looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

Designed from the inside out––unlike most gigayachts––the 328-foot Thor Explore has a sweeping interior inspired by round, organic shapes that create airy rooms and expansive views of the ocean beyond, thanks to the double-height nautilus windows. To make the main deck appear even larger, it is uniquely constructed with a floating glass floor (supported by exposed structural beams) so passengers can imbibe at the bar as they take in the scenery.

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This setting is also home to a sunken seating area––retro in concept but with a contemporary minimalist spin––that appears to float between decks, thanks to that glass floor. It and nearly every other architectural feature inside Thor have curvilinear lines, which are enhanced by the intricate lighting that closely follows nearly every rounded edge. While it illuminates the space, the lighting also adds some much-needed warmth to prevent the decor from being too impersonal.

But what if you need a little privacy—or want to keep the two levels of the main deck separate? Simply flip a switch and the clear glass floor immediately turns opaque, forming an immediate dividing line.

To access the impressive beach club, you must navigate a circular corridor that has a floor-to-ceiling cylindrical aquarium on either side. This allows you to get up close to whatever aquatic life is housed within. Once you arrive at the beach club itself, you’ll be positioned high above the waterline but can enjoy the use of fold-down balconies to have an oceanside view. The club also has a one-of-a-kind tender garage that can be accessed via a large bi-folding glass door.

The garage has enough space for all your toys, including a 41-foot custom tender, hydrofoil speedboat, a two-person submarine, not to mention kite and windsurfing equipment, diving gear, surfboards and jet skis. Even more impressive is the helideck, with its own hangar. For those taking the ice-class-hulled yacht into extreme environments, being able to protect the chopper is critical for safety missions, not to mention activities like heli-skiing.

See more photos of the superyacht below:

Gresham Thor Explore Yacht
Gresham Thor Explore Yacht
Gresham Thor Explore Yacht
Gresham Thor Explore Yacht
Gresham Thor Explore Yacht
Gresham Thor Explore Yacht

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