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The surprising cost of renting the real Bridgerton houses in Bath


The Royal Crescent may be one of the most desirable addresses in Somerset, but not in the fictional world of Bridgerton. For Bath’s famous landmark would be the cheapest place to rent if you wanted to live like one of the characters in the smash hit Netflix drama.

Property developers who specialist in renting have worked out how much the average punter would have to pay if they fancied living in the style of Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury and other characters in the raunchy show. As you might expect, you would need deep pockets to be able to live in any of the historic residences where filming took place.

But anyone on the rich list who wants to do it on the cheap should head to Bath. For according to their figures you could rent both 1 Royal Crescent and the Holburne Museum of Art, for around one tenth it would cost you to move into Queen Charlotte’s stately home.

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Although the grand Bath homes were not as expensive as some of the six buildings used for filming in terms of rental values, they are still the stuff of domestic dreams. So here’s what the experts at Essential Living claim it would cost you to rent out the homes in Bridgerton.

And if you can’t afford that, there’s plenty of affordable touches you can make to bring some Bridgerton style luxury to your boudoir. Here are the rental values and some decorating tips if the houses are out of your price range.

The Featherington Residence

The Royal Crescent in Bath

Real life location : No. 1 Royal Crescent, Bath

Value: £6,711,588

Cultural Premium: £2,416,171

Monthly rent: £73,827

Key facts: The 17th century No. 1 Royal Crescent is part of the prestigious buildings that form the Crescent, No. 1 represents one of the best examples of Palladian architecture in Bath. In 1776, the beautifully-crafted structure was home to Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany. It is also on the Jane Austen pilgrimage trail with fans gathering outside in period costume to pay homage to the novelist who set two of her books, Northanger Abby and Persuasion, on the grand street. This grandeur home will cost you £73k in monthly rent.

The Bridgerton’s Residence

Actress Phoebe Dynevor draws up in a carriage at Ranger’s House which transforms into Bridgerton Manor
Actress Phoebe Dynevor draws up in a carriage at Ranger’s House which transforms into Bridgerton Manor

Real life location: Ranger’s House, Greenwich, London

Value: £36,723,655

Cultural Premium: £13,220,515

Monthly rent: £403,960

Key facts: Possibly the most important property in the show, the Bridgerton residence, is actually known as Ranger’s House. This ivy and wisteria-covered red brick Georgian mansion was built in 1722, and was once the official residence of the Ranger of Greenwich Park. Now managed by British Heritage, the building of dreams is home to a stunning array of art, curated by 19th-century businessman, Sir Julius Wernher. Dipping your toes in the luxurious life of Lady Bridgerton herself will cost you £403 a month in rent.

Lady Danbury’s Residence

The Holbourne Museum in Bath
The Holbourne Museum in Bath

Real life location: Holbourne Museum of Art, Bath

Value: £46,419,163

Cultural Premium: £16,710,898

Monthly rent: £510,610

Key facts: The lavish Danbury ball scenes were filmed in the Holburne Museum in Bath. Home to a luxurious art collection, curated by Sir William Holburne, the building represents the first ever public art gallery within the city. Artists featured include the legendary George Stubbs and Allan Ramsey. Fancy hosting a royal ball or two? The monthly rent will take you back by £510k.

The Gentleman’s Club

Real life location: Lancaster House, West London

Value: £69,903,574

Cultural Premium: £25,165,286

Monthly rent: £768,939

Key facts: Often graced by fan favourite Anthony Bridgerton, the dreamy decor within this key Bridgerton location is situated within Lancaster House, West London. This Gentleman’s Club is no stranger to the spotlight, as it has also been included in The King’s Speech and Downton Abbey. The cultural premium alone adds a massive £25 million to this property’s value, and to live like a gentleman you’d be paying £768k a month in rent.

The Duke and Duchess’ Residence in Season 1

Castle Howard is a stately home in North Yorkshire.
Castle Howard is a stately home in North Yorkshire.

Real life location: Castle Howard, York

Value: £222,445,885

Cultural Premium: £80,080,518

Monthly rent: £2,446,904

Key facts: A key event in season 1 was the marriage of Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, which saw them move to the fictional Clyvedon Castle to begin their short-lived fairytale – but the property is actually named Castle Howard in Yorkshire. The magnificent 140-room home took a staggering 100 years to build, so it’s no surprise that the monthly rent at this divine castle would cost you over two million pounds. But you might have to get used to cameras in the grounds because it is much in demand setting since it first featured as Brideshead in Brideshead Revisited.

Queen Charlotte’s Residence

Sunset views of Hampton Court Palace
Sunset views of Hampton Court Palace

Real life location: Hampton Court Palace, Richmond, London

Value: £493,112,101

Cultural Premium: £117,520,365

Monthly rent: £5,424,233

Key facts: Boasting approx 47,000m 2 , Hampton Court Palace is perfect for Bridgerton’s queen, and equipped with more than enough room for a royal ball or three. The pre-regency era palace was graced by Henry VIII himself – which could explain its kitchen large enough to cook for 1,000 people. Living like a queen at this grand palace with amazing gardens that featured in the film The Favourite would cost you over five million pounds a month in rent.

Getting a Bridgerton Boudoir

Can’t afford it? The experts at Essential Living have also been checking out how to create your own Bridgerton boudoir in a rental property and these are the key themes to achieve that Georgian interiors trend from the 19th century.

Use blue and gold

Refined blues used in the glorious floral embellished empire dresses of the Bridgertons and other ladies of the court are also incorporated in their beautiful boudoir bedrooms. A mixture of pastel blue and gold suggests royalty, spirituality, and magic – all aspects that enhance a luxurious setting.

Buy a four-poster bed

Your bed is the central feature of a boudoir bedroom and a four-poster bed makes the ultimate statement of royalty and class. A rich jewel-toned velvet bedspread will complement the theme, while soft cushions should always adorn the bed.

Find some Regency wallpaper

Elegant and eye-catching wallpaper is a good way to bringing that regency-style aesthetic to your room. Opt for softer textures, such as silk and velvet, to punctuate your space. You can include rich, deep colours contrasted with layers of light, creamy champagnes and powder blues and greens.

Accessorise with regal mirrors

A status symbol during the Regency era in London, mirrors were an accessory that only the wealthiest of families were able to display in their homes. There are plenty of gorgeous mirrors in the Bridgerton and Featherington homes in Bridgerton. Opulent and visually stunning, Bridgerton-inspired mirrors often feature elaborate frame designs with bows, feathers, and candle arms. Hanging a grand, gilded mirror of your own just screams luxury and make rooms appear larger and lighter. Create this look without breaking the bank by using affordable retailers or upcycling project charity shop finds.

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