May 28, 2024


Interior spice

Light up your life in the best way with 10% off this minimalist wall lamp

The way you arrange your home’s interior is incredibly important, from using the color blue to encourage a more peaceful state of mind to implementing Feng Shui that brings your life good fortune. But if you’re worried about deciding on a single decorating scheme, perhaps the versatility of light can help you see things a little clearer.

Regular lamps are great and all, but this RGB Wall Lamp will change the way you see light in your home. Giving you access to a jaw-dropping 16 million color options — yeah, you read that right — you can transform any room, changing the atmosphere completely, whether you’re aiming for a romantic movie night in or a laid-back dinner party. 

Unlike other colorful bulbs or lamps you may have used in the past, the RGB Wall Lamp gives you even more control over the lighting scheme of any room you put it in, complete with 358 light effects and shows that you can control from its handy remote. And thanks to its sleek, minimalist design, it can fit in just about any room, from your bedroom to your den to your office, capable of illuminating the space beautifully without dominating the space.

The light’s durable metal finish is designed to last for the long haul, and since it uses up to 90% less power than everyday incandescent or halogen lamps, it can save you quite a bit on your energy bill over time. Just like the many other innovative lighting solutions that have come out of Lamp Depot, the RGB Impression Circle Wall Lamp aims to make a big impression with as little hassle as possible, with easy setup and control. You can even use two or more to create a truly unique light scheme like nothing else you’ve ever seen before.

From its versatile light schemes to its easy control, the LampDepot RGB Ingot Square Wall Lamp can redefine any room in your home, office, and beyond. And right now, you can snag your very own at 10% off, making it just $89.99.

Prices subject to change.