June 16, 2024


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How to Repair your New Carpet

  • The rugs can be roughly divided into the categories of velvet and bouclĂ© rugs. Even though the velvet is particularly soft and velvety, the ring carpet impresses with its durability.
  • An easy-to-remove carpet is particularly suitable for rented apartments or children’s bedrooms. You can lay the carpet with duct tape or use a special carpet fastener.
  • If your carpet is to stay on the floor permanently, a carpet adhesive is suitable. This also ensures that the carpet does not form waves.

Once you have decided on the floor covering, you can lay the carpet without prior knowledge. Do-it-yourselfers can choose whether they want to attach it in places with double-sided tape or if they want to permanently attach it to the holder.

Below you will find how to fix a hole in the carpet and instructions for laying a carpet with glue.

1.Differences in Carpet and Carpet

In the case of rugs, a distinction is made between velvet and the so-called loop fabric. In the case of velor rugs, the loops sewn into the backing fabric are opened at the top.

The carpets are mostly knotted or woven, single or multi-coloured yarns are formed into loops, which in turn are woven with the backing fabric.

Woven and knitted products are generally more expensive than velvet rugs. It is also made with natural materials such as sisal or wool. The famous oriental rugs are traditionally knotted.

A needle felt rug or a needle felt wool is cheaper but easier to use. Here, the synthetic fibres are attached to the base and, depending on the quality, strengthened on the underside with jute, felt, a layer of foam plastic.

2.Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpeting

The rugs are very heat-insulating and thus create a cozy atmosphere.

Most carpets provide good impact sound insulation and thermal insulation, at the same time they differ not only in the method of manufacture but also in materials.

So it invites rugs made of synthetic fibres such as nylon or polypropylene electrostatically and thus brings dust.

For example, some people find soft wool carpeting more comfortable. Also to absorb the moisture in excess in the room. However, they are strong and dirt repellent thanks to the wool grease.

3. Lay Carpet and Carpet Correctly

Regardless of the manufacturing methods for carpet repair and fixed with double-sided tape, fixed with Velcro or glued over the entire surface.


Fixing the carpet is particularly useful for floors of 20 m2 or more to avoid slipping due to daily use and the formation of waves due to fluctuations in air humidity.

3.1. Lay the Carpet with Fixation

In rental apartments, if you move in, it should be possible to completely remove the newly laid flooring without damaging the subsoil.

The same goes for a small bedroom, as children’s tastes change as they age and they no longer like a carpet with childish topics. Likewise, when installing in small rooms, there is no need to permanently attach it to the subfloor.

Tip: If the area is less than laying a carpet with a foam backing. This can be fixed to the floor with double-sided tape or a special fastener. In the case of larger rooms, it is necessary to lay and fix several strips together at the joint.

3.2. Secure the Carpet with Double-Sided Tape

You can easily cut protruding carpet remnants with a craft knife.

The new floor covering should be cut in the required area plus a 10 cm overhang on each side of the store. Then set it up in the room, straighten it and smooth it out.

In the next step, the carpet is rolled up again and the double-sided tape is glued along the walls. Then roll out the carpet and line it up one last time. If there are different carpet lengths, the pile should run in the same direction. Also, carpet tape is applied to the floor where the two strips meet.

If it is correct, peel the backing paper from the tape piece by piece and the carpet can be fixed. Finally, sand it down to the edges with a board and trim the protruding edges with a carpet knife.

3.3. Lay the Carpet with a Special Carpet Fastener

The carpet can be easily removed at a later time. Any residue from the fastener or carpet can be removed with hot water and dish soap.

Another way to repair the carpet is a special carpet fixation, such as the one available. 

3.4. Glue the Carpet

Carpet adhesives are suitable for permanent attachment. To do this, the floor must be free of dirt, grease and dust.

If you want to lay the carpet permanently, glue it to the subfloor and prevent it from slipping or forming waves. As for fixing, the surface must be level and free of dirt, grease and dust before laying the carpet.

Old adhesive residues should also be removed. A primer with a deep primer is required for absorbent substrates. The first step is to roll out the carpet in the room and straighten it before it is folded in half.

The carpet adhesive is then prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions or a ready-to-use product is used, for example, the solvent-free carpet and the PVC adhesive from Ceresit.

4. Rugs for Children and Teenagers

Non-fixed rugs are suitable for children’s rooms, as they are easier to clean.

For children’s rooms, it can be a colourful rug or a carpet made of sturdy, easy-care material. 

If you don’t want to lay rugs, you can opt for rugs or bedroom rugs. These have the advantage that they can be exchanged more easily for other rugs if they are dirty or if the older child no longer likes them.