July 25, 2024


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How To Choose The Right Size Of Furniture For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Size Of Furniture For Your Home

Anyone who has ever walked into a beautiful house only to bump into oddly-sized furniture will know the value of choosing the correct furniture size that fits the home properly. It is all too common for people to fall in love with a piece of furniture and buying it on impulse thinking it will fit into their homes seamlessly. This only happens when you’re really lucky.

Most likely that beautiful find from the best home furnishings Massachusetts will end up in the garage gathering dust. Those mistakes can easily be avoided if you take these tips into consideration:

Tip 1: Measure The Area And The Furniture

It always pays off when you take the extra time to measure everything. From the floor space to the wall length and width, get your pencils, tape measures, and notebooks out. By doing this, you can easily go to the furniture shop and measure the furniture as well. This will give you a better idea on which pieces fit into the space you have without risking it all with simple guesswork.

You might look funny bringing a tape measure to the shop, but it is all worth it when your home looks perfect!

Tip 2: Don’t Forget The Doors

A beautiful couch from the home furnishings Massachusetts shop will be of no use to you and your home if it cannot fit in through your door during delivery. Many folks tend to take for granted the size of their door when buying furniture. Remember, if it can’t fit through the doors, there’s no way it belongs inside your house.

Tip 3: Proportion Matters

Aside from the actual size of the furniture, the proportion of the pieces to the room also matters a great deal. If you have a small living room, you do not want to get a couch that occupies more than half of the space, it will look ridiculous and also difficult to maneuver around.

Don’t try to fill up the space you don’t have with large pieces, stick to practical and proportioned sizes, not unless you want to squeeze into every nook and cranny every time you walk around your house. If your space is very limited, go for the minimalistic look, it will create less clutter and also free up space for better airflow.

Tip 4: Envision The Placement

Sadly, you cannot rent pieces of furniture just to see how it will look like inside your home. While that is impossible, that doesn’t mean you can’t “try out” the spots yourself. Simply measure the area where you plan to put the furniture in and mark it with masking tape. Next, use your imagination to see how the flow works. Try walking around to see if the areas are still accessible with the pretend pieces in place.

It is a simple trick that will help eliminate any too large or too small pieces that won’t fit in well within the space you have.

Don’t Rush

Take your time and peruse different options. You don’t want to rush into buying furniture only to regret the purchase because it does not fit inside your home. Relax, you will find the perfect pieces in due time.