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How To Buy the Perfect Bed Style for Your Bedroom ~ Fresh Design Blog

How To Buy the Perfect Bed Style for Your Bedroom ~ Fresh Design Blog


There’s no denying the bed makes the bedroom. Not only is it the biggest thing in the room, but it’s the most purposeful, too – it’s where you sleep!

It’s easy to overthink things when buying a bed, but choosing the perfect style is easy once you know what styles you like. This article explores some of the main bed styles, helping you choose a bed that matches your tastes.

Let’s jump in!

Know your bed styles

Bed styles can be split into six categories – nordic/minimal, traditional, two-tone, sleigh, chic and ornamental beds. 

Nordic/minimal beds

How To Buy the Perfect Bed Style for Your Bedroom ~ Fresh Design Blog
Nordic Mill Shake Low Bed Frame, available from Bedstar

Nordic/minimal beds have simple, clean lines and minimal ornamentation and sit low to the floor, creating a lounging feel.

Scandinavian nordic style bed frame for a minimalist look
Scandinavian 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame, available from Bedstar, The Online Bed Superstore

We love minimal beds in small bedrooms and simple spaces. If you appreciate clean geometry and lines, a minimal bed is for you.

Traditional beds

Traditional style 3ft single wooden bed frame
Birlea Miami 3FT Single Wooden Bed Frame, available from Bedstar

Traditional beds have a high headboard and footboard, a chunkier frame and a height-to-mattress of around 30cm.

Milan Bed Company Madrid 3FT Single Wooden Ottoman Bed - Natural, available from Bedstar.
Milan Bed Company Madrid 3FT Single Wooden Ottoman Bed in natural

Traditional beds are the most popular because they are easy on the eye and blend in with any bedroom. If you’re unsure what bed style you like, you can’t go wrong with a good old’ traditional frame.

Two-tone beds 

Traditional white wooden bed
Bedmr Chester 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame

Two-tone beds incorporate two colours to create a contemporary twist, bringing the bed frame to life. The contrasting colour accentuates clean lines and interesting design details, ensuring that your bed stands out.

Olivia 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame – Charcoal, available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.
Olivia 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame – Charcoal

We like two-tone bed frames in modern bedrooms, especially those that go down the urban industrial interior design theme.

Sleigh beds

Luxurious grey sleigh bed
Bedmr Oxford 4FT 6 Double Sleigh Bed Frame in grey

Sleigh bed frames have a curved/scrolled footboard and headboard and can sit low to the floor or high off the ground.

Ottoman style sleigh bed with hidden storage
Milan Bed Company Layla 4FT 6 Double Ottoman Bed in charcoal

Sleigh beds are super-versatile because you can get them with a wooden or upholstered frame. You can also get them as an ottoman bed with a lift-up base for storage – check out the Milan Bed Company Layla.

Chic style beds

Super chic grey fabric bed frame
LPD Willow Fabric Bed Frame in grey

Chic beds have an upholstered base with a fancy headboard such as a tufted, quilted or padded headboard with buttons.

Super chic and elegant blush coloured bed frame
Rose 3FT Single Fabric Bed Frame in blush

Chic beds have a special place in our hearts because they feel homely. The soft, luxurious upholstery makes you super comfy when you get into bed. You can also get chic beds in faux leather if you prefer a leathery feel.

Ornamental beds

An ornamental bed frame can make a statement in a bedroom
Julian Bowen Florence 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame

Ornamental bed frames can be wooden or metal, but metal beds are the most popular, with an ornate headboard and footboard.

Stunning ornamental bed frame
Callis 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame

Ornamental beds are timeless and add a sense of luxury to any bedroom. Black and brass are our favourite colours, but you can get metal beds in virtually any colour with a powder-coated finish.

What colour do you want for your bed frame?

Once you’ve decided on what bed frame styles you like, it’s time to consider what colour your bed frame should be.

Should you match your bed frame to your bedroom furniture? This will create design cohesion and balance your space. However, one colour for all your furniture can make your bedroom one-dimensional and boring.

Some people prefer a contrasting bed frame, such as a natural pine bed alongside white furniture or a grey bed alongside wooden furniture.

Does your bed need to have in-built storage?

Lastly, think about storage. You can get divan beds (built-in drawers) and ottoman beds (lift-up storage) if you need a clever storage solution. Otherwise, get a high bed and shove some boxes underneath to store shoes and clothes.

Ottoman beds are the best storage beds you can buy, but divans and slidestores are also decent options if you need a few cubby spaces.

For more assistance with choosing a bed, check out the different types of storage beds and a complete buyer’s guide to ottoman storage beds.



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