February 21, 2024


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Facts and Figures: App Data Shows What Partners require of others

Men and women alike think they know what their counterparts need. This might be true on some level, but even those joining dating sites have little insight into others’ needs. When members register for online dating, it takes a while to understand what others are hoping for. Although dating apps offer a chance to highlight what you seek in a partner, there are always a few blurry lines.

This is where facts and figures help out. Incidentally, dating websites and collected data prove we might be wrong about the needs of others. Once you join a dating app like https://uadates.com/ukrainian-brides.html keep in mind the data herein. There are a few things men and women need to know to facilitate new relationships faster, and with precision.

First Impressions

Before diving into any nitty-gritty, it is no secret that first impressions are everything. Men need to avoid slacks, shorts, and wife-beaters when meeting women. Women don’t have to dress sleazy to get noticed. It was one thing to show some skin, and quite another to reveal too much cleavage. When members meet for the first date, it could be the last depending on appearances. Keeping things tucked in and practicing decent grooming standards is well-advised. Aside from dressing well, here is a factual guide on what men and women want.


Aside from the flirtatious lies we throw at women all the time, most ladies prefer honesty. If you are not interested in a long-term relationship, don’t lie that you are. Honesty should be practiced from the outset. Having pictures depicting you as taller, more handsome, or more beautiful is not nice.

Women would rather decide they will still hang out with you regardless of a mismatch than be lied to. This honesty is profoundly more important when men seek older women. If a young lad is hoping for financial assistance, there are plenty of rich women willing to facilitate. However, not every older woman on dating sites is a sugar momma.

First Move

Turns out most men prefer the lady to make the first move, contrary to what we might believe. This is true for women of high stature too. If you are a high-flying lady in society, be sure men would love for you to make the first move. It doesn’t mean they hope you turn out submissive; it is a remarkable turn-on, that’s all. The first move has traditionally been a guy thing. Women still prefer these traditional moves, but times are changing. Men love to feel special too.


Women still love gentlemen in all aspects, including paying for drinks and food on a date. While boys might enjoy a lady buying one or two drinks, men naturally feel good footing the bill. This stands true for men of all ages, and from different cultural backgrounds. Thus, even after meeting and flirting online, and the lady making the first move, paying for the date should be the man’s responsibility.

Additionally, making decisions about everything from lunch dates to money issues, and career paths should be two-way. When ladies share their plans, you need to chip in more than money. Having a partner that is hard-working and can offer ideas is extremely attractive, especially to ladies.

Bottom Line

You may think you know what the other gender is hoping for, but, likely, you do not. With these facts, dating apps have offered insight into what their members seek daily, from local and international members. Finding a woman with the traits you seek is easy; making her happy with her actions and behavior might prove a bit harder. Be sure to refine your ways accordingly because men, and women alike, are dynamic.