March 4, 2024


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Car Accident Personal Injury Claim: What Evidence Do We Need?

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If you were hurt in a vehicle accident, truck accident, slip and fall, workplace injury due to carelessness, or other personal injury, you must create a strong case with proof. If you are representing a family member who died in an accident, you must present a solid case for compensation.

Personal injury lawyers can help you win and settle cases. Consider what to bring to your case consultation.

Statements From Your Insurer

In each lawsuit, the insurer is key. You and the other driver’s insurance companies provide liability coverage for car accidents, which can be utilized to recoup damages. 

Your homeowner’s insurance provider may be engaged in a car crash on your property. After receiving injury care, your health insurance company is involved.

Accident insurance statements should be brought. Bring copies of your insurance policies so you can assess your liability coverage. Instead of suing, you might ask your insurance company for additional money. Suits can force other insurers to cover you if yours doesn’t.

Medical Bills

A personal injury lawsuit requires financial losses from an accident. Because medical care is so expensive, medical expenditures often account for most of your financial losses. Bring medical bills. Ask your hospital for a list of medical services and supplies.

Louisianaa people consider bringing your medical papers to auto injury attorney opelousas la to prove your therapy. One party often discredits the other in litigation. For instance, a car crash might cause injuries and preexisting conditions. Other parties may argue that your injuries are not new and therefore not be covered. 

Property Damage Receipts

Bring quotations or invoices for property repairs or reconstruction if an accident caused damage. In an automobile accident lawsuit, bring repair estimates or proof of the car’s current value if insurance adjusters declare it a total loss.

 Include any other crash-damaged property. Add that you transported fragile objects like an expensive laptop broke to your claim.

Other property damage follows the same rules. Suppose a nearby contractor negligently damaged your home. You can sue for damages. Despite not driving, you can sue for home damage if a car hits yours. Bring receipts for repairs or insurance payments.

Cellphone/Dashcam Footage

In car accidents, it can be hard to prove what happened previously or what the other driver did. Georgia people show dashcam video to personal injury lawyer Barnesville GA so that it can strengthen legal claims. Tape capturing the seconds before the accident can show your innocence or another driver’s fault. 

Also, cell phone videos taken by others could support your lawsuit. Pre-accident footage from a car passenger could be crucial. Another vehicle’s activities may have been filmed by a bystander. Request footage from anyone who offers it.

Other Economic Damages Proof

When you are wrongfully wounded, you can claim for more than medical bills and property damage. Demand lost income coverage. If you’re paid hourly and were too injured to work for a few days, you can add those hours to your claim.

 Claims focus only on insured property and the immediate impact of the vehicle accident or other catastrophe. Your pre-injury earnings are included in a reasonable settlement.