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Ask Maria: Now that I have your Colour Wheel, Does Everything have to be Neutral?


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Inquiries about how to use my Manufacturer NEW, Made WITH Real PAINT color wheel are traveling in quick and furious. 

PS. Examine the again, if you’re asking yourself why it doesn’t arrive with a brochure, there’s a URL with videos to look at on how to use it.

Here’s the newest 1:

“Maria, After I have determined the undertone of a carpet or partitions, is the thought to structure all the things about base in the exact same beneath tone or reverse undertone?”

Absolutely no.

But once more, if you’re inquiring this query, then you need to have to learn much more about how to embellish and select colour. I advise my Digital Specify Color with Assurance 2 working day workshop. It’s a recreation changer.

But let me give you some independence around being caught in the planet of strictly neutrals.

Initial, can I say I often really feel like two folks. It is a great detail I’m a Gemini considering that they by now have two personalities.

On the one aspect, I’m the neutral queen, getting invented a colour wheel for identifying neutrals. The other facet of me is the major cheerleader for introducing color to your planet.

I walked into a random home furnishings shop today with strictly sofas for sale.

Very little else.

Just rows and rows of grey, beige, brown and black sofas. No coffee tables, no upholstered chairs, just couches.


Because that’s the initially issue you need to have when you transfer into a new put. A little something to sit on.

 The absence of colour apparent in most showrooms, on the other hand, is absolutely the purpose most men and women do NOT even accidentally close up with a yellow couch in their living place (below):

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Let us seem at some neutral rooms subsequent shall we?

What are the undertones in this space? There are many.

If you increase my color wheel to this image, it’s a lot easier to see them (down below):

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The sofa is taupe while the painting earlier mentioned leans much more pink beige. The chair on the ideal is yellow/gold beige. And the travertine coffee desk is pink beige and product.

If the walls in this area didn’t have all this amazing moulding to distract the eye, the white would appear to be very stark.

My Domaine

On the other hand, since the couch in this neutral room is the bossiest neutral item and we wanted to pick out a paint color, we would go straight to the taupes in my curated record of paint colors and select a person or two of the palest types to attempt.

For the reason that now that the home is this neutral, painting the walls a colour would make no sense.


Let us transfer this tutorial to the true earth shall we:

One of my magnificent visitors sent me this authentic estate listing where every single one home in this Tuscan impressed house (with not a sew of white in the finishes) had been painted a stark white.

Which, observe because the contrast is so significant, they finished up hunting blue white.

In this circumstance, my colour wheel arrives, you  plunk it down on the bossiest neutral element. which in this circumstance is the tile flooring and backsplash and figure out that they are pink beige.

Then you go to my record of experimented with and genuine curated pink beige colours in the reward e-book of colours at the again of both of my ebooks and select just one. 

There is no other colour to go with right here as WHITE is surely erroneous as we have now seen.

Hmmm. . portray all the things white in a Tuscan motivated household would seem to be an epidemic, here’s one more household another reader despatched me:

Shifting on to THE MOST Popular Problem out there.

You are standing in an vacant place with maybe some present beige carpet. 

And you figure out that it’s pink beige, at the time you place my colour wheel on best of it. 

And now you’re asking yourself, pink beige walls? Is that it? Individuals are my ONLY alternatives?

Bored GIF - Boring Bored GIFs

Effectively absolutely sure, With no any inspiration in any way, that would make the most feeling at this stage.

Nonetheless, hold out a next, keep with me. Let us look at a distinct bed room in this exact same household, with the similar carpet, but this time with some blue accents. 

And because pink beige seems very good with blues, you could paint this space navy blue. In this circumstance, I would get the striped bedding to a paint retailer and get someone there to enable me opt for the ideal navy blue.

Recognize the carpet in in this article is likely pink beige but it doesn’t search as pink as the room above mainly because the distinction is so significant.


Here’s another space with pink beige carpet. This time with sturdy orange accents which once more do the job beautifully here and the place rug that addresses up the beige carpet also helps make this home search so inviting and pulled together.


What inspired the colour palette here? Both the region rug arrived very first, or the hits of orange observed in the solid cushions came soon after the wall was painted orange but I’m guessing the area rug was applied as inspiration in this article.

Consider standing in this area selecting an orange paint color devoid of the rug. It would choose weeks and months, you’d have random orange colors you’d be tests. Your wife or husband arrives and you’d say “Honey, which just one do you like?” And he or she seems to be at you like a deer in headlights wanting to know “What is the ideal response here”.

Best Deer In Headlight GIFs | Gfycat

And every time a close friend or loved ones member arrived more than you’d say:

“Well? What do you feel? Which a person is ideal?”

And this ladies and gentleman, is why there are so numerous white, beige and grey walls in this planet.

So the ethical of the tale is this:

You are trapped with a neutral if:

Your set and bossy finishes are so pervasive and overpowering, it would glimpse negative to just paint the walls your favourite color, see both kitchens above.

You have an open thought household and there’s no location to start off or stop the color.

Examine more: Pattern Inform: Is it the Close of the Open up Thought Living Space?

If neither of the over two eventualities utilize to you, then crack out the colour remember to, for both our sakes.

Pretty Please GIFs | Tenor

We will need it much more than at any time these times!

If you have an Inquire Maria query for this column, consider some pictures in fantastic organic light (clean up up your area remember to, you are going to have a a lot bigger prospect of your shots becoming used) and e-mail them listed here.

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