June 13, 2024


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Amazing Scania RV Has Three Bedrooms With Garage And Posh Interior

Luxury living on the road.

This amazing machine isn’t so much a cool motorhome as it is a bonkers luxury touring bus befit for a straight-up rock star. The front is recognizable as a Scania R480 cab-over truck, meaning this is strictly a European offering. Behind that truck, however, is a custom-built aluminum home that boasts multiple bedrooms, a full bathroom, and even a garage with a workshop.

We came upon this amazing RV from VAEX The Truck Traders on Facebook. The company is based in the Netherlands and currently has this rig for sale, though a price isn’t mentioned. We’re going to make a bold prediction here and say it’s expensive, and not just because it looks very posh on the outside.


The company sent us some info on this machine; among other things, the Scania truck has something of a luxury makeover with high-level trim for the driver and front-seat passengers. It’s also fitted with navigation, rear cameras, parking sensors, and the original sleeper portion of the cab is still in place with a drop-down bed. This actually creates a small bedroom at the very front of the RV.

Livin Large:

Things get even more upscale as you move further back. It’s fitted with large double sliders that extend out in the kitchen and living area, dramatically increasing interior space. As such, the Scania boasts a full kitchen with a four-burner induction stove, a large oven full-size sink, and a 49-gallon (185-liter) refrigerator/freezer combo. The living area also features a large sofa and a pop-up 32-inch flat-screen television – one of three TVs in the RV.

Details on all the bedrooms aren’t available, but there is a master suite as well as a separate bedroom for the kids which features its own television and Playstation game console. Everyone uses the same full-size bathroom, which is decked out in stone and includes a large stand-up shower with a standard flush toilet.

The Scania is well-equipped to handle such things, as it carries 198 gallons (750 liters) of freshwater. There’s a 111-gallon (420-liter) tank for gray water, and the wastewater tank is 53 gallons (200 liters). A heated water tank system provides hot water both for showers and for radiant heating in the floor. Diesel generators provide power.

At the rear of the RV is a garage, and though we don’t have photos available, we’re told it boasts a workbench with several tool cabinets and its own small refrigerator. There’s also a sink and a hose for taking outdoor showers, or to rinse down the rubber garage floor after coming back from a muddy hike or bike ride. A washer and dryer are included to clean your clothes, and you’ll also find an on-board air compressor with a 15.8-gallon tank.

It’s certainly a very cool home-away-from-home, and we’re grateful to VAEX for sharing some info on this rig with us. Check them out at thetrucktraders.nl.

Source: VAEX The Truck Traders via Facebook