July 14, 2024


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7 Summer Styling Moments + How to Recreate Them


A well-styled space is all about creating little moments.

As we approach warmer summer days, we want our homes to feel laid-back, lived-in, and layered with warm hues, romantic motifs, and interesting textures reminiscent of sun-soaked lazy afternoons.

On the set of our ’22 McGee & Co. Summer Catalogue, we got to play with some of our favorite pieces from the new collection, styling every corner to reflect how we want to refresh our homes this season. Scroll through for some inspiration and a breakdown of each look + how you can re-create it in your own space.

This console look is all about layering and balancing a mix of shapes and sizes to create an unexpected, lived-in feeling. A statement piece of artwork makes for a perfect focal point above a large piece of furniture, but a second piece hung to the right above the chair and another stacked to the side brings a hint of thoughtful asymmetry. Playing with scale when styling a surface by adding in levels of artwork, lighting, stacked books, and small decorative or functional pieces can quickly bring any look to life.

Try this at home: When mixing artwork, try mixing the types of pieces you incorporate for a curated look when layering artwork. In this vignette, we have a dreamy cloudy landscape, a beautifully illustrated piece by artist Blakely Little, and a vintage portrait of Bob Dylan — each works together but is different enough to not distract from the other.

White Textured Ceramic Vase

We love adding a console table behind a sofa to provide a visual barrier and separate the living space, but those pieces can be puzzling to style. In this look, we kept it fresh and light for the season with stacked books, a marble tray, structured lighting, and summery florals.  

Try this at home: If you have space under a console behind the sofa, adding seating pieces or ottomans there can be a great way to add function and interest, or even create a subtle desk moment! 

Simple Stripe Magnifying Glass

Stacked artwork is one of our favorite ways to create a moment on empty wall space and draw the eye in, but who said you couldn’t do it on a window, too? In this vignette, we love how these two floral pieces add some character to the beautiful windows and draw attention to the view.  

Try this at home: Hang artwork in unexpected places by overlapping them on top of built-ins or on windows! 

Ribbed Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

Bordered Linen Napkin (Set of 4)

Lilia Flatware (Set of 5)

On the coffee table, we kept it simple with florals, a large vase, and vintage candlesticks for the ultimate cool-girl flare. Working with a minimal color palette to draw attention to the rest of the space pushed us to add different levels and textures that almost feel like an extension of the table. 

Try this at home: If you have a round or oval-shaped coffee table, think about styling it in sections to center the look. Try stacks of books, large structure vases, boxes, and pairings of decor pieces to break it up.  

Rounded Terracotta Handled Jug

White Ceramic Duo Candle Holder

Sandstone Taper Candles (Set of 12)

Pembroke Hand-Knotted Rug

A vintage gold mirror provides a focal point on the mantel, while a layered piece of artwork and a large terracotta vase fill in the sides. One of our favorite new artwork pieces adds a feeling of summery nostalgia to the vignette, and a decorative stone head adds to the romantic aesthetic.  

Try this at home: Instead of spreading all of your decor pieces evenly on a surface like a mantel or a furniture piece, pair them in small groupings for a layered look. 

Rounded Dual Handled Vase

We styled a mix of functional pieces in the dining built-in, like stacked plates, bowls, and pitchers, with decorative accents like large vases, artwork, and books to add a curated feeling to the look. A metal easel props up a summery vintage painting to soften the look and add a palette to build upon throughout the rest of the space.   

Try this at home: When you’re styling a built-in, especially in a dining or kitchen space, put your pretty serveware on display in groupings of two or three to fill in the space and allow for easy access to your most-used pieces. 

Rectangle Oak Wood Bread Board

Ribbed Tall Drinking Glasses (Set of 4)

Ribbed Short Drinking Glasses (Set of 4)

Rounded Dual Handled Vase

This cozy window seat called for layered mixed and matched pillows, a charming woven sconce, and accent decor for a simple yet elevated look. Next to an armchair and a round ottoman, the window seat area feels like a separate living space in the primary bedroom. We incorporated a blend of florals, stripes, and textures on the throws to add a feeling of coziness to the space with a few of our favorite new pillows.  

Try this at home: You don’t need a window seat and built-ins to create a cozy reading nook. If you have a space to fit a chair, a light, and a small side table, you can make the most out of any corner in the bedroom. 

Anora Block Print Pillow Cover

Emiliana Fringe Pillow Cover


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